How to Get Away With Murder S03E07 Recap

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LAUREN LUNA VELEZI’m glad we get to see Annalise go to these AA meetings and they’re not just mentioned in passing. Hopefully that means that they’re important and not some throwaway condition of her getting back her license; that she will get the help she needs and we’ll see a change in her for the better.

I’m still waiting for her to take them seriously and have a breakthrough, but, this show being this show, I don’t think very much will change for her.

At this point the meetings seem to be more about President Hargrove than Annalise. I loved the scene in which Hargrove  gave the testimony about her children. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the screen as she was speaking. Lauren Vélez gave an incredible performance. I didn’t really trust Hargrove in the beginning, but I’ve slowly warmed up to her and this scene humanised her. It was great seeing Annalise respond to that later in the episode by giving her the name of a family lawyer. She’s softened to her a bit.

f3795837-97f1-4ee1-b9b9-48329143fea0-266-000000a7a49ccef4_tmpBonnie had to have known what she was doing when she kicked out Frank and, knowing how he is, the potential consequences. But she was hurt and lashed out so it’s understandable.

I think it’s possible that he is the one who burned down Annalise’s house. In the back of my mind I always thought it was him. But out of anger and revenge. Now I think it’s something else.

He’s been rejected by Annalise, rejected by Bonnie and – thanks to his creepily being at Laurel’s while she was sleeping with Wes – by Laurel now too. All of women who are important to him. He is a broken man trying to do anything and everything to get back in their good graces and come home. Not sure how burning down the house would do that but, I can see him heading down that road.

I think, though, that it’s more likely that it was Wes. The only question now is if he’s always hated Annalise this much or if she does something in the next few episodes to push him so far.

b4cca82f-4dc9-46ab-80d4-96ae89655109-266-000000a7c6078aef_tmpSince the flash forward revealed that he sold Annalise to the police  as the person who burned down the house, his refusal to off load on her when the other four did looks more suspicious.

It’s true that he’s the only one of the Keating Five who’s ever been truly honest with Annalise about how they feel about her. The other four complain to each other about her, but they never really let her know exactly how they felt. Not in the way they did in this episode.

When you couple Wes’ refusal with Laurel writing his name when she regains consciousness, it pretty much looks like all signs point to him. Which may be a little too obvious and, this show being this show, could all be misdirection.

It could be either him or Frank. Both have their reasons. And I am starting to think that, no matter who the arsonist is, Frank is under the sheet.

As relates to the case this week, it did not surprise me that Edith poisoned herself and framed her children. She was such a mean-spirited bitch. How can she not see how or why her children would hate her? Does she not realize how terrible she is?

And the new kid comparing Annalise to her? Firstly, I thought she knocked him down a few pegs. Why is he still on her case and what is his problem with her? Secondly, Annalise is not nearly as bad as Edith. Annalise actually cares about her “kids.”

Random thoughts:

  1. Have they ever shown Annalise eating as much/often as they are this season?
  2. Asher and Michaela teasing Oliver is the cutest.
  3. Wes and Laurel aren’t wasting any time.
  4. You should have just said you didn’t see Charles, Wes.
  5. Nate wasn’t shirtless in this episode.
  6. Conniver returns!

How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM on ABC.

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