Xhosa Barbados Launches ‘Ethos’ For Crop Over 2019

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Kadooment band Xhosa Barbados bucked the virtual launch trend that has dominated the season thus far and had their usual cooler fete and launch party. It all went down at the George Washington House this past Sunday.

When asked why Xhosa decided not to do a virtual launch, band leader Jeremy Nicholls said:

“Our mantra is “We don’t pose. We party.” So a virtual launch would not have been ideal for us to do. If you look out there, people are having a great time, chilling with their friends…that is what we do. So it’s best that this is the environment that we launch in.”

The theme for this – the band’s fifth – year is “Ethos”; a Greek word meaning “character” and is defined as “the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.” In this spirit, Xhosa Barbados has conceptualised six sections from which patrons can choose costumes for Kadooment Day: Allure, Frolic, Kaiso, Lava, Muse and Rhapsody. Female costumes are priced from $450 USD to $900 USD and male costumes from $335 USD to $350 USD. Registration is open on Xhosa Barbados’ website.

Allure, Frolic, Kaiso, Lava, Muse and Rhapsody Frontline Costumes.

For photos from the band launch, visit our Facebook page.

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