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I only just realised that episodes one and two of this series premiered together and I have been one episode behind on this show from the very beginning (well about two now since I – sorry – missed last week’s episode; full time jobs really eat up a lot of your time). But thankfully, there is the weekend so I had time to catch up!

The guilt of Baxter having died in Will’s place was still eating away at him. So much so that he was having visions of Baxter’s death. I liked that the writers didn’t just brush side Will’s feelings on the matter and leave them behind in the last episode. It was good to see it carry over here considering how strongly he reacted to Baxter simply being arrested instead of him, let alone killed. They kind of did drop it by the end of the episode, however.

Aside from the mental anguish he was experiencing because of this, Will was struggling to write another play for Burbage after having been told that his follow up to his first successful fare was bad. His guilt over Baxter’s death leaked into this struggle as well. The rest of the theater troupe, rather unkindly, wasn’t letting him forget the man’s absence and made it very well known their preference for him over Will. He even had vision of Southwell tormenting him about the futility of Baxter’s sacrifice considering how poorly Will was performing. Will was also feeling guilty about his feelings for Alice and went to his cousin, Father Robert Southwell, to confess both.

I don’t really like Southwell. At all. Pretty much only because hes’s trying so hard to push Will into joining him in his little crusade (I seem to have a thing for disliking people simply because their actions do, could or will affect Will negatively). Not that I disagree with what he’s fighting for, just his trying to force Will into it. And when Will hit a low point – being kicked out of Burbage’s troupe and his place of abode, forcing him to seek help from his cousin – he preyed on Will’s dejectedness to coax him over to his side. Telling him that it was God’s plan that he be there. It was so very manipulative.

Marlowe too was having difficulties writing and bumped into Will as he was on his way to Southwell. I honestly thought that he was going to offer Will a place to stay. Not that Will would have accepted it, but I would have much preferred Will staying with Marlowe that Southwell (slimy and scheming as Marlowe is). Luckily, Southwell’s attempt to lure Will in backfired somewhat; instead of inspiring him to join him, it gave Will an idea of how to tackle his new play and get past his writer’s block.

Marlowe’s smirk when he saw Will go to Southwell’s to ask for help, though…It seemed like he knew that Southwell was there and I was worried that he would sell him out to Topcliffe. I may not like Southwell, but I don’t want him to get caught either. When Marlowe showed up at the house I was even more worried. But he genuinely caught my by surprise by warning them to flee rather than turning them in.

Not that Marlowe would have needed to turn them in because Matthew – the man who attempted to attack the priest during a service – pretty much gave Topcliffe everything he needed to know other than Southwell’s location. That scene was so incredibly frustrating. It was like the man had no notion of secrecy. By the time he’d decided to keep his mouth shut, it was already too late. But it was Marlowe and not Matthew who’d given Topcliffe Southwell’s location. I really can’t figure out what Marlowe is up to or what he’s after.

Southwell still managed to rope Will in by giving him his unfinished book which he intends to give the Queen. A tome which he wants Will to help him write. One which has to be so compelling that the Queen would be “unable to deny the justness of [their] cause.” But not just the Queen, anyone who reads it. It looks like he wants to distribute it to the masses. I get the feeling that what he’s doing is producing propaganda.

Despite his discomfort with his closeness to Alice and the resulting guilt, Will enlisted her help in writing his new play. They spent so much time working on it together, that they practically slept in each other’s arms. It was the exact opposite of what he was supposed to be doing concerning her. Her father, Burbage, even warned him to stay away from her when he found them asleep in the theatre. Somewhat surprisingly, Will didn’t even hesitate or protest or anything of the sort when she showed up at his apartment and they proceeded to have sex with each other. Apparently he doesn’t feel guilty anymore.

Presto’s sister was a huge disappointment. She had no desire to leave the life she’s living or to better herself in anyway. Presto is trying so hard and going so far to bring them out of poverty so that she doesn’t have to prostitute herself, giving her wise advice to save the money he brings to her so that they can do that…and she just doesn’t care. She just wants to spend it and live it up for however long it lasts before she wastes it all. It’s sad really.

I must say that this is the first time I actually felt sorry for Presto. I want to say that his sister is an idiot, but that’s really harsh and inconsiderate. I will say that at this point, I want him to forget about her and leave her where she is. That way he can take care of and better himself. She’s perfectly fine with her life as it is, it seems.

Random thoughts:

  1. We all know that Will is going to stick it to Alice.
  2. Radicals are not going to help the Catholics’ cause.
  3. Restrain the man, not beat him to death,
  4. Run Alice!
  5. You have a wife Will!
  6. How do these people learn an entire play in a matter of hours?
  7. I ship Richard and this handmaid.
  8. Sort of convinced now that Marlowe isn’t all together there.
  9. Again, you have a wife Will!

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