Westworld SO1EO2 Recap

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And so the plot thickens.

Yes this week’s episode of Westworld revealed more strings connected to the overall plot, which seems to be hinting and deeper narratives to come.

In this episode, Dolores is being told by a gentle voice to “Wake up,” and “Do you remember?”

She is being haunted by this unknown voice, and she has no idea why. It raises a very important question for us the viewer- How can something that is not “alive” have such thoughts? After all, she is not a human, only an artificial creation. Yet it seems she is developing somewhat of a conscience. Even more importantly it seems she is not the only one, for Maeve Milay also seems to be remembering small snippets from her “past”.

“Can you imagine how f*cked we’d be if these poor assholes ever remembered what the guests do to them?” asks programmer Elsie Hugh- which is also the question I started to ask from the very episode, just what immoral depraved acts are allowed to be done to these hosts.

The new visitors to the park this week are William and Logan; William is the shy and timid guy who his outlandish first Logan decides to introduce to the park in an effort to loosen him up. A host greets William at the station upon his arrival and tells him once simple thing

“How far you go is entirely up to you.”

The Man in Black makes his appearance again this week- this time around it’s revealed to us that his is a veteran to the park and spent years playing a gunslinger. So its obvious he knows this world quite well, thus he has gotten bored of it.

As the Joker in the Dark Knight once said, “Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos…”160819-westworld-s1-blast-06-1920

That quote perfectly embodies what the Man in Black is about- he wants to figure out the secrets behind the park, so he has decided to upset the order of the park to find his answers.

Behind the scenes the Westworld programmers are as always tweaking the personalities behind the hosts, even bumping up Maeve Milay’s aggression and emotional acuity.

It is my opinon that it will only take one more episode or so for Westworld to fully hit its stride, the subplots are starting to branch of while the main plot is slowly and surely revealing itself.

Westworld airs on HBO on Sundays at 9pm.

The promo for the next episode is located below.

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