Westworld S01E04 Recap

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Who exactly is this Man in Black? Is he the devil, or the liberator of these hosts?

These are the main quests we have after this week’s episode of Westworld titled “Dissonance Theory”. As expected, Westworld is proving to be a very complex show, which rewards its viewers who pay attention to the smallest of details. It seems Robert Ford’s grand story plan is the infamous maze the Man in Black is hunting, atleast it seems to be. Ford claims he has been working on this new project for decades (If so how has no one noticed?), and the Man in Black is rumoured to have been coming to the park for that amount of time.

Westworld so far has been doing a pretty good job of having us second guessing who the androids are, and who the real humans are. I am starting to get a nagging feeling in my head that Stubbs, the security head, is an android. I mean think of it closely, he hardly shows much reaction to things happening around him, and so far he has not displayed any real personality, he basically just follows orders.

Back to the Man in Black (that sounds like a pop song from the 80’s); he was recognized this week by other guests. One mentioned how his foundation saved his sister’s life, which is ironic to say the least. This man who has been shown to mercilessly kill anyone who gets in his way… is capable of saving another life? Very unlikely, though it’s also possible this is a story programed into the park and not an actual fact. Which brings us back to another burning question, is he a host, or human? It is very possible he gained sentience as a host, left the park, and came back for answers. What do I personally think? I believe he is in cahoots with Ford, or atleast Ford knows about his very existence and chooses to do nothing. Ford has proven he is basically a God in this world, he can control any host to do his bidding, is it even possible that a rouge host will get away without his knowing?1-gjewscp9kj791g5y2snvq

Ford’s partner Arnold has been coming up a lot lately. Did he truly go insane and kill himself in the park? Or did Ford have one of the hosts “take care” of him?

Dolores is making the very making strides week after week in trying to comprehend her ever growing realization that something is just not right in the world she currently lives in. Maeve also plays a bigger roll this week, in talking Hector out of his programmed heist, into helping her make sense of out apparent nonsense. She asked him questions to find out just exactly what she is seeing in her sketches. After showing him, he talks vaguely about “the man, who walks between worlds,” who was “sent from hell to oversee our world.” She asks him to carve open her belly — the site of an animal’s greatest vulnerability, as Bernard describes it earlier to Theresa — because she remembers getting shot and wants to see if there’s a still bullet lodged in there.

Yes my friends, Westworld is indeed diving deeper every week into the intricacies of the park and the plot behind it, let us see what happens next

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