We Need To Talk About The New “Avengers: Infinity War” Trailer

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Finally, after what has felt like forever, a new trailer for Avengers: Infinity War has arrived on the internet for all of us rabid MCU fans to consume. And there is So Much New Footage. I don’t think that a single shot in this trailer was repeated from the last one. It’s 100% brand new. Even if some of the shots are from the same scenes we got glimpses of in the first widely released trailer (technically the second trailer overall – making this one the third – since there was that one at SDCC).

Not only is there new footage, there’s so much crossing over of characters in this trailer that I do so believe that we got a lot more of it than in the first trailer.

Without further ado, let’s get into some of the highlights of this trailer. This isn’t all of them, of course, but there are so very, very many that this article was getting pretty long. So I cut it down to the most highlight-iest of highlights. For me at least.

Gamora Opened The Trailer

I was not expecting that. When she started speaking I was like “Who the hell is this?” Because, ya know, this an Avengers movie and even though I know that main characters from every film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (for the most part) will be coming together in this one, it hasn’t clicked in my brain that The Guardians are going to meet everybody else or that there will be so much cross pollination for that matter. I don’t think it will be real to me until I see the movie.

Even then it won’t lose its punch because it’s still so novel that the entire MCU (for the most part) will be in this movie. Just watching this trailer, how pumped were you to see Peter (not that one, the other one) and Drax interacting with Tony, half of the Avengers in Wakanda and Thor with Groot and Rocket?

It totally makes sense that Gamora would be the one to educate everyone about Thanos. He raised her! He made her. She is the only person besides Nebula who knows him well.

Thanos Has His Armour

Thank the heavens that Thanos will don his armour in this movie. I really hate the wife beater wearing version of Thanos we got in the last trailer. That look still shows up in this trailer, but we got two shots of him in his armour and that’s more than enough to comfort me that I won’t have to see his gun-show for the entire movie. No one wants to see your biceps Thanos!

The Gang’s [Almost] All Here

In the shot of Cap and Black Widow arriving in Wakanda we see Bruce, War Machine, Falcon, Scarlet Witch and more importantly Vision. That’s like half of the Avengers! Or half of the people who fought in Captain America: Civil War. So they’re kind of assembled? Anyways, that’s not the best part. Yea it’s cool to see the Avengers in Wakanda and all, but Shuri gets her hands on Vision! We even see her with a little hologram of him in her hand. Imagine how much fun she’s going to have examining him! I have no doubt that if he dies when the Mind Stone is taken out of his forehead that she’ll be the one to fix him.

Peter Meets Tony (And Peter’s Just Happy To Be There)

What happens when you get two really sarcastic guys in a room (or rather, movie) together? You get that interaction between Peter (not that one, the other one) and Tony. Look at Tony’s face! He’s so hilariously annoyed with Peter (maybe we should just call him Star Lord to avoid confusion) even before he tells him that the plan sucks. Imagine the exchange that happened before that moment that made Tony so clearly tired of him already. Tony’s now on the receiving end of the sarcasm and he just can’t take it.

There has to be a moment in this movie when someone yells “Peter!” and both Quill and Parker respond. The joke is right there! We know Marvel loves its comedy!

Baby Gamora!

Will we be getting a flash back to her childhood with Thanos? His armed forces are there with them on whatever planet they’re on so either this is when he attacked her home planet or this is one of his planet destroying missions and he’s taken her along with him. I’m inclined to think it’s the latter since she one, isn’t dirty as far as we can see and two, seems to be going along with him pretty willingly. I’d think that if he just murdered her entire family – and people – that she’d be resistant. If it is the latter though, he started her on genocidal killing sprees really darn young.

Our First Clear Shot of Thanos’ Black Order (And Loki’s With Them)

I don’t know much about them besides the name of the group and I don’t care much to look into them before watching this movie either. Well, I looked them up in so far as what their names are. Here we have: Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, Corvus Glaive, and Black Dwarf. I don’t know who is who besides Proxima Midnight. All I know is that comic book fans are hyped to see them in this film, apparently, so that makes me hype to see them too. Especially the full scene of Cap catching Proxima’s spear from the last trailer.

Loki, Loki, Loki…what are we going to do with you? My first thought was that he goes over to Thanos’s side, just because it’s Loki and we know he will and have seen him do whatever is necessary to save his own skin. However, giving him the benefit of the doubt, he has also done the right thing in the past (most recently in Thor: Ragnarok) so he may just be playing double agent here? Proxima does have her spear aimed at him. Who knows! We’ll have to see the movie.

Tony Is So Going To Die

They’re signaling it so hard! This is a trailer so it’s very likely that those two clips aren’t even related in the movie, but come on! Thanos saying “I hope they remember you” followed by a clip of Tony in half destroyed armour? There is no stronger signal! Of course it could all be misdirection to make us fear for Tony, thinking that he’ll die in this movie, and he’ll come out of it perfectly fine. Or, they could be preparing us for his death so it doesn’t hurt so much when it happens (for those of us who like Tony at least; I’m sure some fans would be more than a little happy to see him go). We have six weeks until we find out Tony’s fate.

Thor and Cap vs Thanos

First Tony got the most savage bitch-slap in all of cinema from Thanos in the first trailer and in this one we see Thor looking worse for wear and being dragged up by the head by Thanos, so clearly his encounter with him doesn’t go well either.

Then there’s Cap, who Thanos is struggling with! Struggling! That Super Soldier Serum is something else that it made Cap, a regular old human – not an Asgardian or a billionaire-playboy-philanthropist in an armoured super suit – capable of going toe to toe with the Mad Titan himself. While he’s wearing the Infinity Gauntlet with the Power and Space Stones in it! Look at the effort of Thanos’ face! There’s far more effort on Cap’s face, but still.

Cap is another character that’s slated to die in this so maybe we’re seeing the moment of his death.

Avengers: Infinity War is slated to be released day and date on April 27th. Here’s hoping Barbados get is then too. These cinemas here won’t confirm it at all!

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