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Kaetan desu! (*≧▽≦)


After last’ week’s episode of suspense, Kae is in her room stressing out about Nishina kissing her even though it turned out to be a practical joke. She tries to think of it as some skinship (also known physical intimacy), but it is still proving to have some effect on her before she she’s something interesting on her screen. The next day at school, Kae tells the boys about this special Mirage Saga competition being held for Valentine’s day. It involves competitors sending in creative chocolates to the Mirage Sage characters in order to win the grand prize of an illustration by the official character designer of the series which will be signed.


Nishina comes in the classroom to discuss the competition with Kae but Nanashima takes no chances and proceeds to block her from getting near Kae, which soon proves to be futile when the two girls push him out of the way. Nishina invites Kae to her home so that they can test their recipes together. Before Nanashima can fully protest, Nishina says all the boys can come along as well. It also makes for good fun to watch the boys squirm as the girls make chocolates that aren’t even for them (ohhhh burn)


Fast forward to later on at NIshina’s house. Kae decides to practice out some techniques with her first being character chocolate. She does a lovely Shion design from a page of one of Nishina’s doujinshi but she ends up hating it as she says it doesn’t bring out Shion’s true beauty as well as on the basis that many others will submit character chocolate. Nishina then suggests they make 3-dimensional chocolate and that she’ll teach Kae.


Kae starts off optimistic, but soon depletes when her efforts fail, with the deadline fast approaching. Nishina tries to get Kae to relax by hugging her from behind but this only flusters our protagonist, causing Nanashima to drag her off of the flustered Kae. When Nishina tries to pass off her advances as playfulness, Igarashi says that he agrees with everyone else’s uneasiness and points out that she wouldn’t be doing what she is doing unless there was some motive behind it. Nishina says that she like things that are cute and beautiful. Kae is such, so she is attracted to her in that sense. When Igarashi asks if that statement means she’s only into Kae’s appearance, Nishina retorts that although her looks are a perk, she is drawn to Kae for various other reasons and that Igarashi should check himself out as she believes that looks is his sole reason for going after Kae. (Another burn)


Three days later, Kae finally has a finished product, although it’s appearance is somewhat avant-garde. The boys attempt to make Kae feel better about her disaster, but when Shinomiya says that the statue is eccentric, it sends Kae into an even deeper depresion. Nishina feels sorry for Kae and gives her the clearly much better looking statue to enter. The next day, Kae lets them know that she ended up sending in her own submission as opposed to Nishina’s. Her motive was even though it was poorly done, she put all of her effort and feelings into the sculpture so that’s why she chose to send in that one. Kae then brings out chocolate for everyone, even though it turns out to be obligatory chocolate. As they hang out on the roof, Igarashi thinks about his position with Kae. He admits to himself that despite it being about her looks in the beginning, but it is now a different story, but his true feelings are soon put to the test when he discovers that Kae has resumed her original appearance and weight.


It turns out that aside from the chocolate she gave the boys, Kae had so much leftover chocolate attempts that she decided to eat them all, instead of throwing them out. All the boys are dismayed (Nanashima and Shinomiya takes it particularly hard) As they recover in the infirmary, the boys plot to get Kae to lose weight so she can return to being hot. Igarashi tries to to tell them that they should accept her for how she is, but Nanashima can’t find find it in himself to be content with Kae’s appearance and personality going hand-in-hand. Shinomiya agrees with him and together, they all head to the classroom to find Nishina feeding Kae loads of fattening snacks.


When the boys comfront her, Nishina says she loves Kae’s fattened form so she is determined to keep feeding her. Also, it turns out that Kae’s chocolate won a special prize in the competition and she has been invited to the event ceremony for the prizes where she’ll get to meet the Mirage Saga team of staff. Seeing that she wants to dress up and look her best, Nanashima says he wants to help Kae achieve her goal, but only under the pretext that she lose some weight first. After school, Nanashima has Kae running laps around the school. While the others watch with desperation, Mutsumi asks why they are working her so hard (he accepts her whether fat or thin ^_^) Nishina brings the exhausted Kae some refreshments, but Kae insists that it is for a good cause so she’ll keep at it. The next day, Kae’s figure hasn’t changed and on top of it, she is worn out from all the training, which makes Nanashima contemplates adding more to her workout. Although Igarashi tells him that he is pushing her too hard to the point of exhaustion, Nanashima reiterates that he wants Kae back to her thin self ASAP and he rhetorically asks Igarashi if that isn’t what he wants as well.


Later on, Shinomiya makes an attempt to change up the training plan by implementing otagei (a type of dance enacted by fans of idol singers) It starts off as great fun for everyone, but Kae soon strains her back right after she refuses a break. While she rests in the infirmary, Nishina tells off Shinomiya and Nanashima for trying to make Kae lose weight, saying that Nanashima is too aggressive so he is the one that got her hurt. Mutsumi tells Nishina to back off, which she does, but not before saying that she’ll make sure to take Kae home that day.


The next day, Nishina wakls Kae to school and is being extra considerate of her, but it is actually annoying Kae. As another period ends, Kae dreads Nishina coming back to the classroom when Igarashi grabs her hand and takes her up to the roof. He says that he noticed how uncomfortable she was with how things were going so his aim was to get her away from that. When Kae agrees with him, Igarashi does say that he understands Nishina’s intentions. Kae gets herself pumped up to workout again and it is then that Igarashi notices that she hasn’t changed one bit. She is still the same cheerful determined person, which causes Igarashi to discover that he has fallen in love with her all over again without taking her appearance into mind. When he declares this to his classmate, Nanshima refuses to believe this and tries to snap him out of it, but Igarashi is already gone. A few days later, Kae has asked for direction from the boys in her workout. They agree but on the condition that she doesn’t overdo it and hurt herself again.


Nanashima and Shinomiya then come up with the ideal plan for Kae’s weight loss. A point card reward system. By taking advantage of Kae’s fujoshi tendencies, if Kae meets a certain criteria for her weight loss, the boys will do something BL related (within reason) in front of her to reward her. Obviously fired up, Kae recklessly starts doing situps, which makes Igarashi kindly remind her not to push herself to the point of injury once more. When Nishina reacts to this, Igarashi responds that it is only natural to be kind to those that you like. He then tells her about his realization and he can say for certain that he likes her.


The deadline has come and Serinuma has reached her goal, but at the expense of the boys’ sanity. Nishina then reveals an ultimate goal on the back of the point card that says Igarashi will kiss Nanshima O.o (She secretly added it)……………and you know the rest!!!


See you next week for “Let The Shipping Wars Begin!”

Watashi ga Motote Dousunda (Kiss Him, Not Me) airs on Crunchyroll every Saturday at 1:00am AST

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