Watashi ga Motote Dousunda E04 Recap

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 Kaetan desu! (*≧▽≦)

In our last episode of Kiss Him, Not Me, summer vacation was now commencing and although the boys wanted to invite her on dates, Kae already had all of her otaku activities planned ahead of them so with Christmas vacation coming up, they thought they could hold a party on Christmas Eve, right? WRONG! Kae shoots down their dreams telling them well she has to go to the winter Comiket, even though she went during the summer. Comiket is the world’s largest market for fan-made, self-published works, including games and other artwork, but mostly comics. The events are held in Tokyo Big Sight in December and August of each year and typically span over a 3 day period. Mutsumi then suggest that they all accompany Kae to Comiket and have a party afterwards, to which there are no objections.

Early EARY EARLY the following morning at stupid o’clock, the boys meet Kae who is all pumped up to go, in contrast to the boys who are clearly NOT USED TO THIS. The boys believe that they are going to be the first people on the train but they couldn’t be more wrong when they reach the Tokyo Big Sight, it is littered with people all heading to Comiket. They then come to a realization that that’s why the stations on the way there and the train itself was packed, even at that time of the morning, and there were staff at the stations screaming out orders.


The boys then discover they have to wait another two and a half hours before the doors to open and they quickly become cold but Kae was prepared and gives them all pocket warmers, which satisfied them. Little did they know that they’d have to wait one extra hour before entering so they didn’t actually get inside until 11 o’clock even though the doors opened at 10AM. Naturally they were exhausted once they finally entered. Since the boys were there to keep Kae company, they decided to help her with all of her shopping and split up into pairs, Nanashima and Igarashi in one pair, and Shinomiya and Mutsumi in another pair. Igarashi and Nanashima immediately get stereotyped as a couple by some fujoshi as they go through trying to make it seem that they’re purchasing the comics for someone else. Mutsumi is admiring an artists’ work, when Shinomiya finds and drags him away. He is clearly uncomfortable with the concept of Comiket and to top it off, he always seems to be nearly losing Mutsumi to the crowds.


ANNNNNNNND then there’s Kae…..enough said….moving on….

It is now 1:50 p.m and Kae has finished her part of the shopping and is at the meet-up point by the cosplayers area. While she waits on the others, a photographer in the area starts taking pictures of her and making her feel uncomfortable. This goes on for a bit until a beautiful cosplayer points out his bad manners and makes him apologize. Kae is thanking the stranger for their help and admiring their cosplay when the boys finally arrive. When the cosplayer sees that Kae has company, they politely make their exit, but not before giving Kae a hand-kiss, which freaks the boys out. Kae explains the situation to the boys and they apologize for not making it sooner, but Kae is insistent on apologizing because she feels that she forced them to go with her and she thanks them again. The end of the day is at hand and the group begins their journey towards the Christmas party that the boys were so looking forward to. But the traffic heading back is just as bad as it was going up, so by the time they arrive for the party everyone except for Kae has expended all of their energy. On the closing ceremony for the second term of the school term, A-chan and Kae are discussing the Comiket shenanigans. When Kae mentions the beautiful cosplayer that she met, SURPRISE! they are actually a student at the school and A GIRL!!!!!


Nishina Shima is a first year student, who Kae mistakenly thought was a male cosplayer. Shinomiya describes her as a situation known as the Takarazuka effect, meaning someone who can act out both a male as well as a female role, without being conflicted by one or the other. As such, Nishina is extremely popular with girls across all of the years. It turns out that Kae and Nishina have a lot of common interests, and Nishina wishes to take advantage of that, so she invites Kae over to her house for what sounds like a sleepover. Nanashima realizes the danger of that situation and invites himself and the others along. Nishina agrees to this, as long as the boys adhere to one condition, to which they agree even though they don’t know what it is. They seem to be more concerned with not leaving Kae alone with Nishina for a minute.


The group arrives at Nishina’s house and it is HUUGE! Nishina shows them all her room dedicated to her figure and Japanese castle collection, which impresses both Kae and Mutsumi. Nishina then takes them to another room, this time dedicated to all of her hand-made costumes. She then compliments Shinomiya’s acting skills and how beautiful he looked in the dress at the play. Boy number two down. She then takes the group to her most prized room, a library full of manga, novels and BL comics. When Kae picks out a comic that even she doesn’t have, Nishina wastes no time in letting them know that on top of doing all of that, she still finds time to draw manga, and she is the artist Kae admires the most. (OVERKIIIIIIILLLLLL)


To prove her skills, Nanashima sketches a picture of ShIon to prove that she is indeed, the artist. Nanashima tries to compete, but is no good. Nevertheless, Kae is still happy with his attempt, so Shinomiya and Mutsumi attempt it as well (just when Nanashima thought he gained some ground, poor guy) Nishina then invites the group to the final room where she would like the boys to fulfill her request. She wants to use them as models for BL material, which starts off wonderful (I had a few moments as well KYA! ><), until she asks them to rest their head in the other’s lap. That is considered an ultimately intimate way of showing affection in Japan, so naturally, the boys express their discomfort with undertaking such a task.


Kae decides that may be they will feel more inclined to do it if the two girls how it is done. She demonstrates with Nishina and gets a little TOO comfortable with the role. When she realizes that she is taking it too far, she tries to pull back, embarrassed at her actions but it is too late. Nishina gets caught up in the moment and kisses Kae ON THE LIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nanashima pulls Kae back, accusing her of taking her joking around too far, but Nishina insists that it isn’t a joke and that the boys should take her seriously as a rival before a problem occurs. ERMAIGAWWWWWWD! I need next week’s episode to come out……Is it next week yet? See you next week V_V R.I.P my heart….


Watashi ga Motote Dousunda (Kiss Him, Not Me) airs on Crunchyroll every Saturday at 1:00am AST

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