Watashi ga Motote Dousunda E03 Recap

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Kaetan desu! (*≧▽≦)

Episode 3. It’s time for the school’s annual festival and all the classes are getting ideas together to make their class stand out during the festival. The boys want to do a maid cafe, but the girls are against it. They eventually end up compromising on a cosplay cafe where everyone dresses up.

Kai and the boys are discussing their activities for the festival. Nanashima makes it very clear that he’s not excited for the cosplay, despite everyone else’s thoughts. Kae has the perfect costumes in mind, and plans to juggle all of them, and the histoy club’s activities at the same time. They ask Shinomiya what his class is doing and he says that they’re doing a play. Unfortunately, Shinomiya lost at rock paper scissors and has been assigned to play the part of the princess, which sends Nanashima hurling into laughter.


The mere thought of this naturally excites Kae. She encourages Shinomiya saying he’ll do a great job, and then she insists on being in charge of designing his costume. Ten days before the festival she is trying to take all their measurements, but they don’t seem to want to stop arguing, particularly Nanashima and Shinomiya. They spend most of this episode arguing on how Kae doesn’t see Shinomiya as a man, or Nanashima as a real person, due to his striking similarities to Shion.


Kae gets so overwhelmed from all the tasks that she has taken on that she slowly starts to disintegrate. The boys step in and offer to help her by heading over to the history Club to do her part while she finishes up on their costumes. Igarashi seems bothered about something but he doesn’t want to reveal it. It is now the day before the festival and Kae has finally finished making the costumes. Shinomiya, Igarasshi and Nanashima come out all dressed up, and all of the girls go nuts. Kae expresses her happiness at them wearing the costumes that she worked so hard on.


It is the end of the day. As Kae and boys head home, Kae talks about how excited she is and if they have time they should all walk around the festival together. Igarashi immediately makes it known that he has no intention of doing so. He lets them know that he is not interested in being buddy buddy with anyone. He is doing what he is doing because he likes Kae and in order to make sure that she becomes his alone, he’s determined to spend some alone time with her at the festival. But as usual, that’s what however all of the others had the same idea in mind. The four boys end up compromising and make up a schedule so that they can each get an allotted slot time with her.


On the day of the festival, Nanashi gets the first time slot. After a hiccup for a start, he gets her in the room where purikura are being done. Kae is happy about being taken able to have taken a shot next to a 3D Shion. It is then that Nanashi makes that cliche move every Japanese girl(and myself) dreams of a guy doing…the kabedon. He tells Kae to make sure she remembers that he is a real-life man. >< Oh my heart!!! <3


He begins to move in for a kiss, but is interrupted by Mutsumi, as his time slot is over. Nanashi argues to have a little more time but Shinomiya holds him back so that Mutsumi can begin his time slot with Kae. Concerned over Kae’s flustered nature, Mutsumi brings them some lunch. He ends up feeding her some of his takoyaki off of his chopsticks. When she realizes they just had an indirect kiss, Kae freaks out and that’s when Igarashi steps in and takes Kae away to watch Shinomiya’s play as part of his time slot. He was clearly pissed….


As Kae recovers from that instance, the play begins. Igarashi immediately goes and grabs Kae’s hand. When Kae notices, she immediately gets flustered. Igarashi asks if  she doesn’t like it. As she tries to explain herself., He inserts his fingers into hers and it becomes too much for her. Kae regains conciousness at the end of the play. LOOOOOOOL


It is finally Shinomiya’s turn and he takes her into a haunted house. He is undertaking this in order to show off his manly side. Unfortunately, it is Shinomiya who is easily frightened of spirits. Kae tries to comfort him, like a mother would her child, but Shinomiya then remembers how Nanashi teased him.  He pulls Kae in close telling her, that he’s a man, so don’t treat him like a child. heee heee heee ^___^


What a lovely moment…….it’s too bad that a ghost then jumps out, scaring the crap out of Shinomiya and making him jump into Kae’s arms. Kae can’t handle his weight and they topple over. When Kae opens her eyes, she realizes that ShInomiya’s face is implanted in her chest. O…..O I was wondering when this was going to happen. Kae becomes hysterical and totally legs it out of there back to the classroom. Shinomiya exits with a smirk on his face and a clear reaction from a nose bleed.


A-chan is wondering how the dates went, when Kae comes rushing back to her. They go to a set of stairs and A-chan listens as Kae complains about her impossible situation today (throwing in a well-placed Jojo reference) A-chan explains that the guys just want to make progress on their own personal relationships with her. She then goes off to get a drink for them, telling Kae to just sit there and relax. Kae gets a text message from Igarashi asking where she is, but Kae is reluctant to answer.

She continues to mope until three guys from another school spot her and try to get her to leave with them. Kae becomes paranoid and manages to punch one and runs on, with them hot on her heels. They catch her a bit further down the hall, and when Kae thinks it’s all over, Igarashi and the others show up to defend Kae. They look so cooooooooooooooooooool here! About Mutsumi calmly putting a plastic bag over one’s head….HAHAHAHAHA


Kae tries to break up the fight. when one of them bumps into her. She gets angry and screams the fight to a stop. In the history club room, Kae explains to the boys that she isn’t just ready for such intense moments like what happened today. The boys apologize to her (while also finding out what moves the others made in their private time) and they all agree to take things slowly with her.


The festival has ended and the highlight of it, the folk dance, an event that high schoolers look forward to (due to you being able to get closer to your crush through dance) The boys are about to compete to see who can dance with Serinuma, but then they make a compromise. In a strange and pleasant change of sceneray for Kae and A-chan, the four boys dance with each other. That ends out this recap. See you next week!


Watashi ga Motote Dousunda (Kiss Him, Not Me) airs on Crunchyroll every Saturday at 1:00am AST

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