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Kaetan desu! (*≧▽≦)

Episode 2 kicks off the day after Kae’s date with the four boys. Nanashima is surprised at Igarashi’s willingness to show off a limited anime keychain that Kae got all f
or everyone on the date. Otaku are generally frowned upon in Japanese schools and society in general and can lead to the subject of bullying so most people tend to keep quiet about it. Nanashima makes it clear that it’s a turnoff for him, but Igarashi disasgrees, saying he would be grateful for one less rival. The two boys arrive at gym to see Kae diving for a volleyball, which somehow leads to a point being scored. It is pointed out that even while she was large, Kae was always quite athletic but now that she’s lost weight, she feels like she can do much more. It is quite clear that Kae is taking full advantage of her new….thinner constitution.


After gym class, Kae is approached by the Girls soccer Club for her assistance. They explain to her that an existing member of the team hurt her leg and with a practice match coming up next week, they need a temporary replacement and they would like for Kae to be that person. Kae immediately accepts without thinking it over. She says that she knows a lot about soccer but that’s only through watching anime. She has actually never played. *Facepalm. In the lunchroom, she tells the four boys about her offer. Igarashi sees this an opportunity to get closer to Kae and offers to coach her since he is on the soccer team. But since he also has to practice, he says that Nanashima can fill in for him at the times that he can’t coach her since he used to play. Nanashima refuses upfront, saying that she would just drag the other team members down. This upsets Kae, which leads to her and Nanashima exchanging heated words in the cafeteria, and then him leaving reiterating on his unwillingness to teach her.


It’s the end of classes and Kae joins the soccer team for her first practice session with them and it already proves to be too much during the warm-up and she is exhausted by the time it is all over. Igarashi meets her for their one-on-one session and she tries to keep up but, because of her former indoor life, she isn’t fit enough and collapses. With two days down, Shinomiya tapes up Kae’s foot and blushes fiercly when she thanks him for it. However Mutsumi steals his thunder by bringing refeshments and Shinomiya is not afraid to show it. I kinda felt bad for him though, and that temper tantrum was so cute. ^_^ There are now three days left until the practice match.

Meanwhile, the two girls that originally recruited Kae are by the front lockers discussing at how terrible Kae is at catching up to the rest of the team. Nanashima overhears them and proceeds to tell them off for gossiping about her when they were the ones who recruited her in the first place. As he heads out, Nanashima happens to see Kae practicing. He watches in horror as she executes a technique quite like no other in that when she kicks the ball, it reverse rotates back into her direction, hitting herself in the face. Nanashima suggests that she can still gracefully bow out but Kae refuses, showing that she wants to keep going, despite having difficulties. Nanashima  is inspired and gives into teaching her. It’s the day of the match, with two minutes left and Kae’s team down by one point. The team is ready to give up, but Kae persuades them into trying one more strategy that she is sure will work. On the throw-in, Kae works a miracle by initiating her curve-ball technique by facing the opposite direction from the opposing goal. Nanashima breaks out in laughter and then later admits to changing his mind about giving up on his pursuit of Kae. Kae is sore all over, but happy because summer vacation is coming up. As she announces her plans to A-chan, her teacher reminds her that if she fails the next test that she’ll have to take two weeks worth of summer supplementary lessons. This shocks Kae into a studying frenzy, but it is clear that she is struggling , the poor girl.

Mutsumi offers to help her study and the other three jump in when they notice what’s going on. They start off nicely in the library, but due to Nanashima and Shinomiya repeatedly trying to intimidate each other, they are rapidly kicked out. They then proceed to get kicked out of a family rstaurant for the same reason. As they think up a new place for them to study Igarashi suggests that they go to Kae’s house to study. While Kae is accepting of this, she is worried about what the boys will think of her room as it is littered with BL material. She makes a desperate attempt to hide as much as possible so that by the time the boys arrive, she is ready to receive them.


Kae’s mother tries to be hospitable by bringing the kids tea to the room. Kae notices that her mother has on unflattering make up and quickly gets her out of the room before the boys notice. While she is trying to shoo her mother away, Nanashima gets curious about Kae’s room and proceeds to discover just a few of her Shion merchandise, some on purpose and some by accident. Kae expresses her embarrassment of the their discovery and shows them the alter she made for Shion.


Kae’s brother Takuro comes home and on hearing that Kae has boys in her room, he rushes in to give them a warning about her being a full-blown otaku. He exposes all of her hidden BL comics and magazines. This angers Mutsumi, who passive-aggressively shoos him out of Kae’s room. Kae then quickly tries to clean up the mess from the books but Mutsumi stops her. He lets her know that she should be careful when handling her books as he knows they are her treasures. He then later apologizes for how he spoke to Takuro and gives everyone pencils he created for the test.

After they leave, Takuro secretly leaves sweets for Kae as an apology for his behaviour. The next day, we learn that Kae has passed her tests and is set for summer, annnnd the episode ends there!

See you next week!



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