Watashi ga Motote Dousunda E01 Recap *Spoilers Ahead

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Kaetan desu! (*≧▽≦)


7×5 OR 5×7?

The opening scene of Kiss Him, Not Me goes to a high school where a volleyball match is bring played in P.E. A spike is nailed onto the opposing team’s court by an athletic Igarashi, one of the class’ good looking guys. He then high fives Nanashima, an equally good looking guy for his setting skills.


In the background of all the cheering girls, we meet our heroine, Kae Serinuma, who is so busy fantasizing about coupling up the two that she doesnt notice  Nanashima running after a high ball in her direction. He crashes into her, knocking her unconscious. Kae wakes up in the infirmary with her classmate and best friend Amane at her side. After  a quick reminder of the preceding events, Kae tells Amane who she affectionately refers to as A-chan her reasons for not moving quick enough. They start fantasizing and discussing about who would be the seme, and likewise the uke in the fictional relationship. Kae then gives a self introductory narration to herself, a second-year in high school and a self-proclaimed otaku and fujoshi. As Kae and A-chan talk more, Shinomiya, a first year health committee student walks in and asks her to free up the bed since she’s feeling better. They encounter his tsundere personality but Kae ignores it and uses the opportunity to fantasize about it with A-chan.

This is my way of life!!!!

A-chan and Kae then come across Mutsumi a third year who asks how she is and then A-chan makes an observation that Kae has this strange connection with good looking guys to which Kae seems to be oblivious to. At this point, all the guys have been introduced. i already have favorites *drool (in both ways). On reaching the classroom, Igarashi makes Nanashima apologize for crashing into her, which he reluctantly does. He then ruins the moment by calling her a human cushion but Kae is the bigger person and says she was glad to be of use. She then fantasizes to A-chan about it after they leave, which freaks out her best friend just a bit.


The day is at an end and Kae and A-chan go home to watch their favorite show Mirage Saga. As Kae watches, her favorite character Shion dies and it sends Kae hysterical. This is a feeling that i can relate to. It’s sad when a character you like doesn’t win or they die. However, I don’t know if I’d shut my self up in my room for a week. A week goes by and Kae hasn’t come to school out of shock. Her mother begs her brother to do something, so he breaks down her door and pulls off her covers.

Kae gets up and goes in the bathroom, looks in the mirror and discovers her newfound look from all that time of not eating and loses it! I laughed so hard at this part!


Kae finally goes back to school and all of her classmates are hysterical at how good looking she became. Igarashi pulls her away from the overbearing crowd and blushes when she thanks him. Nanashima stares in awe at her and tries to play off his attraction to her. He ends up making Kae run out of the classroom crying, not because of his statement like the class thought, but because of his likeness to Shion…………What?


Kae is so busy running while thinking about Shion that she bumps Shinomiya into at a corner. When he sees her face, he takes her hand and insists that she goes to the infirmary. On arriving, they discover Mutsumi nursing scratches from a cat he was trying to rescue from a tree. Kae tends to his scratches and realizes that Mutsumi was the only one that recognized her  right away and he says it was because of her kindness. Aw! *Blush! Igarashi asks Kae to go to a movie with him on Sunday but he is interrupted by the other  boys. The next day, Kae finds herself at A-chan’s borrowing clothes for a date with Igarashi. Unfortunately, it turns out all the other boys invited themselves. We also find out that A-chan has a boyfriend who is unaware of her fujoshi status.



Kae meets the boys and they go into the cinema to watch a no surprise, a romantic movie! Almost immediately Nanashima falls asleep from boredom on Igarashi’s shoulder. Kae immediately forgets about the movie and focuses on them so much that she doesn’t remember anything afterwards. She excuses herself to go and clear her head. On her way back, Igarashi tries to steal her away to take a photo but he is caught by the others before anything can happen. Can we just talk about the scene when the photo prints and she is going nuts and then tells herself off? This show is too much!


A national treasure! Humanity’s pride

They then head to a fast food and karaoke. All this while, Kae is trying to suppress her inner otaku. By the end of the day, she is worn out having being pushed to her limits until she hears Mirage Saga limited items are on sale. She then has an inner battle between her normal self and her otaku self until she finds out there’s only one of the items left. She then forgets everything quickly leaves the boys and goes to buy the item which turns out to be a body pillow. She apologizes when she returns and confesses that she’s an otaku.

Although they seem to be taken aback at first, Mutsumi says he accepts that she does something that she loves and she seemd like this was the happiest he had ever seen her all day, so he preferred her like that. The others suddenly decided to agree with Mutsumi when they saw how Kae responded to him and they let Kae choose where to go next. I love that Kae let her otaku persona spill out immediately afterwards.

The next day Kae is telling A-chan what happened, which brings the first episode to a close. That was good! See you next week!


Watashi ga Motote Dousunda airs on Crunchyroll every Saturday at 1:00am AST

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