Vujaday’s Second Year!

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Vujaday returned with its sophomore year of the festival and this year they brought some welcomed changes. Firstly, splitting up each day into two parties instead of one, long, twelve-hour party – which was honestly a bit of a drag last year. The drink prices were also more inviting this year. A slight buzz and the amazing vibes from the patrons attending, sounds like the perfect recipe for a great festival doesn’t it? And it was. Except for the rain.

It rained and rained and rained. Making it difficult for me to attend most of the events. It surely didn’t stop any of the hardcore patrons who kept my eyes glued to my Instagram for the events I wasn’t able to attend.

Last year I said that the majority of Barbadians are not ready for an all house-music festival. This year I feel no different.

I’d hoped that Vujaday would expand the lineup to include DJs who perform other genres of music, such as trance or even trap. But I guess the promoters have a vision for the festival and are sticking to their guns. I have no problem with that, but I can’t help but imagine the revenue from local attendees drastically improving if the festival were otherwise. On that note, I wouldn’t feel as if I’m doing myself justice as a reporter if I didn’t mention their marketing.

To be very clear and very transparent: It was very white. It’s not that I’m playing the race card in any way because music has no race, but it’s hard to feel welcomed to something when I don’t see anyone in the marketing that looks like me. I heard (not from official press releases by the fesitval, but from word of mouth) that the promoters of the festival wanted more locals in attendance. I personally think that if that’s the case, then maybe they should look into including more people of colour in their marketing campaigns. Again that’s just a personal view. Vujaday will be totally fine either way.

As someone who’s not a fan of house music, I still enjoyed myself. I met some really cool people and even had a couple of minutes on stage feeling like a cool kid. If there’s another festival next year I’d 100% be attending. I just ask if anyone from the team reads this, to entertain the idea of a more genre inclusive festival.

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