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With two episodes left the series is really starting to give us more information and context about Cora’s past. We got to see even more of her relationship with J.D. and perhaps what led to her running away. Because of what happened in the beginning of the episode, I’m only that much more steadfast in my theory from the last one; that J.D. is a member of – or at the very least associated with a member of – the Beverwyck Club.

Who else would have had him killed? I don’t think that it’s local or drug related as Captain Farmer would have us believe. Like Harry said, it happened right after his girlfriend was arrested. However, that little detail does conflict with my theory that Farmer works for the Beverwyck; why would she go after J.D. like that? Wouldn’t the Club be trying to protect him to cover up their misdeeds?

In any case, the two men that Mason saw leaving were far too calm and collected to have not been sent there to kill J.D. It’s entirely possible that they were sent by some drug lord J.D. may work for or some such bigger fish, who had him killed because his proximity to Cora’s case is putting too much heat on their operation. Or something like that.

Lucky for Mason that J.D. was killed, thus robbing him of the opportunity to make the entire situation worse. Thanks to his conversation with Cora, we now know what his whole deal wit J.D. was. It wasn’t so much that he anted to avenge Cora, it was that he was insecure in the relationship. And for a long while at that. Then to learn of J.D., a man that he knew of but didn’t know had a relationship with Cora, only made him more insecure.

I’m starting to think that maybe Cora’s relationship with J.D. came between her and Phoebe. Although I’m really hoping that it didn’t. I couldn’t tell if J.D. was actually trying to help Cora by telling her that Phoebe was a parasite living vicariously through her, or if he was just trying to separate her from her sister to make her vulnerable.

There is some truth to what he said though; Phoebe was jealous of Cora to some degree and using her as a means to experience life. Her plan to run away from home also had nothing to do with freedom for both her and Cora. It was just about freedom for herself. Cora was perfectly fine living at home. Cora was just along for the ride as her caretaker.

Crying over the idea that Cora may have been leaving to be with J.D. (which he did suggest) was emotionally manipulative and she used that to get Cora to speak to her about her sex life – something she didn’t want to do – and to get Cora to do to her what J.D. does to Cora. Even going so far as to use Cora’s hand to masturbate. That whole scene made me think that maybe Phoebe is in love with Cora or at least possessive of her in a way that is very unhealthy and twisted, although understandable given her condition.

I was convinced that Cora wouldn’t have found anything when she and Harry went to the Beverwyck. That the Club would have cleaned house and removed anything that could have incriminated them from the basement where the hostess had found Harry. It seemed to be true since I didn’t see the masks when Cora went down there. Also, Harry didn’t take her to the room with the wallpaper.

However, how would the Beverwyck have known to hide the masks? The would have had no knowledge that Cora told Harry about her captor wearing one. She told him that after her second session with Dr. Chang and before Farmer was part of the case. So it wouldn’t really make sense.

This is a hole in my theory that the Club is involved with what happened to Cora. It could just be that it was only one or a few members and not the Club on the whole and they’re absolutely clueless as to what took place there five years ago. After all, the place where Cora was held was far enough away from the main building for her captor to have done what he did in private.

Hell, J.D. may not even have been involved in what happened to her at all. In which case, why did he lie to the police about knowing her? I thought that he and Cora had met on the 4th of July, he drugged and then kidnapped her. But that’s not what happened. They dated. So how did Cora and Maddie go from being his girlfriend to being hunted on or near the grounds of the Beverwyck Club?

Cora keeps flashing back to Maddie asking her if she’s going into the room in which everything happened. We know that Maddie is jealous of her because of J.D. Could it be that she lured Cora thre to get rid of her?

Harry continues to disappoint me when it comes to his marriage. This is the same man that just one episode ago was upset about his wife asking him to move out and here he was sleeping with his mistress/dominatrix. Does he want to be punished for something? Is that what his relationship with her is about? His not telling her when he was losing consciousness makes me think so.

How could he tell his wife that she didn’t have the right to decide when they were over? He was the one who cheated and continues to cheat, even when he said he would be working on their marriage. He claimed he was trying, and his wife agreed, but he really wasn’t. Not by my judgement.

Random thoughts:

  1. Oh…didn’t see that coming…
  2. If Mason doesn’t get out of there and call the police…
  3. I love that Cora continues to refuse this plea deal.
  4. I kind of wish that Cora’s parents had been home. I would have liked to see that reunion.

The season finale of The Sinner airs today at 10 PM on USA.

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