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More answers! And not ones that raised a lot of questions this time, if any at all. We’re diving deeper into the truth of what happened to Cora during the two months that she was missing and I’ve got a couple of theories.

My first theory is that the Beverwyck Club is 100% involved in whatever J.D. did to Cora and Maddie. It’s no coincidence that his lawyer represents the Club as well. Not only that, just last episode Cora remembered that “they” were hunting her and Maddie. And what activity do members of Beverwyck Club engage in? Hunting! And the spot where Cora saw herself being stuck in a swamp, the same spot where she and Maddie were hunted and where Maddie’s body was found, is right behind the Beverwyck Club!

It’s clearly the site she was held at during her missing two months. The wallpaper there was the same as the wallpaper from her memories and there were several masks there just like the one her captor was wearing. But what was with the I.V. and bandages she was sporting when she was under the bed? The bandage wrapped around her head confirms that she got the scar on her scalp while she was there, but what exactly happened in the first place to require said bandage?

The woman who was fired from there, her story is far too similar to Cora’s. The only difference is that her ordeal took place over the course of a night, whereas Cora’s lasted a couple of months. They were both drugged and have no recollection of what happened to them when they were.

My second theory is that the Club engages in the hunting of people and J.D. is a member. It comes off far too much like an evil, secret society that is a place for the rich and powerful to indulge in their most depraved of desires. And if the show goes that way, it’d definitely be a direction I wasn’t expecting it to go in.

My third theory, somewhat connected to the first, is that Captain Farmer works for the Beverwyck Club, just like J.D.’s lawyer.

When she first appeared I was glad that she would be working with Harry instead of replacing him.She seemed nice, but it just came off to me like that was a tactic rather than her being genuine. Particularly in her approach to Cora the first time she spoke to her, when Harry introduced them. She immediately cut the personable act when she jumped right into interrogating her.

I didn’t trust Farmer at all and I knew that she would throw a major wrench into Harry’s investigation. Which she did! Twice! First by asking for transcripts of Harry’s visits with Cora at county and then by arresting J.D.’s girlfriend at Mason’s behest. The latter of which spelled trouble for Mason as well since J.D. attacked his father.

I didn’t think that J.D. would have taken such a round about route in getting back at Mason, but he pretty much did what we all knew he would. And Mason – annoyingly, frustratingly persistent Mason – is only about to escalate things further by going over there with a gun. You would think that he’d back off!

Farmer was far too eager to pin Maddie’s murder on Cora. She offered the plea deal to Cora’s lawyer behind Harry’s back and then went directly to Cora alone, actively trying to coerce a confession out of her. I’m so glad that Cora told her to go to hell. Although it did seem like it had been working for a while there. And I’m happy that Harry didn’t tell her about Cora’s sessions with Dr. Chang

I always figured that Cora “ran away” at Phoebe’s urging. Her being the healthy one who didn’t need to depend on others, she could escape their mother and have a chance at freedom and a normal life. But it was Phoebe who wanted to leave their mother, not Cora. The more we learn about Cora’s past, the more I’m surprised to see how what I expected from Cora was actually how Phoebe felt and what Phoebe wanted.

When Phoebe showed  Cora her profile on the website, I thought it was a dating site…it wasn’t until later, when Cora was going to meet the second man that I realised that Phoebe was pimping her out as an escort. Now, Phoebe is an atheist and doesn’t buy into her mother’s ideas about sin and immorality, but even so, she had a to be really desperate to go so far to get cash so she and Cora could leave even though Cora had a job and was saving toward it.

However, Cora did at the time believe in her mother’s ideas so the fact that she went along with it, even though she wasn’t actually having sex with these men, is just an indication of how much she loved Phoebe and how far she was willing to go to make her sister happy.

Once I made the realisation that Cora was an escort, I theorised that that was how she met J.D. And it was, just not in the way I thought. I assumed that he would have been one of her clients, who hired her and planned for her to be his next victim. Instead, he saved her from an aggressive client.

So she knew him before the 4th of July. I thought that that was the night that they met and that the few months she said she dated him were the two months she didn’t remember. It certainly clears up Maddie’s insistence that Cora wanted her dead. I found it weird that she would say that to someone she just met and barely knew.

Random thoughts:

  1. Leave Caitlin alone Mason!
  2. The body is Maddie’s remains confirmed.
  3. How quickly Mason’s parents turned on Cora.
  4. Why did Cora steal from the Asian dude if he was paying her anyway?
  5. I didn’t think that Harry was a little too close to Cora until that phone call when they tried to get to know each other.

The season finale of The Sinner airs this Wednesday at 10 PM on USA.

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