The OA S01E05 Recap

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I knew Scott wasn’t dead! He couldn’t have been. They needed five and now that they had five there was no way he was going to be out of the equation. I knew the movements would bring him back. I only wish Rachel had joined in. And now because Renata witnessed his resurrection they don’t need to waste time trying to convince her of anything.

Anyone else think he looked like Jesus?

I was thrown for a loop after Scott died and it cut to the stars expanding then contracting. It looked like he was going to have the NDE but then didn’t because he was unable to reach that plane. They made it look like he was well and truly dead but I refused to believe it. It looked like that was what it was meant to be symbolise; him dying.

I am elated ! Scott isn’t dead! He was down for a really long time though. Have any of the others been dead for that long? It seemed like before it was only for a few minutes.

Now that the most exciting part of the episode is out of the way, let’s get to the rest of it.

I’m a little more sympathetic to Alfonso’s mother now. She surprised me by actually acting like a mother who loves and cares about her child, really believes in him and is proud of him. I still don’t think there’s really anything wrong with her, at least physically. It looks like she went through some things and just gave up on life.  I thought that scene would turn out differently and she would cause a scene and do something to embarrass Alfonso and ruin the relationship he established with his benefactors. Although I do wish he didn’t have to suck up to these people.

I really thought that Homer was going to get away from Hap when they went to Cuba. But his having successfully escaped didn’t align with what we knew going into this episode. But a girl can hope. Hap isn’t completely heartless after all, it seems, because he did feel something when he was sitting down to dinner with Homer and saw how shaken and barely functional he was.

But that one glimmer of humanity in him doesn’t make me hate him any less. It was so evil of him to use Homer to trap someone else for his experiment. To force him to put someone else through an experience that has been nothing but pain and trauma for him. The second he said he wanted Homer’s help with something I knew that was what he planned to do given that Renata had rejected him.

I do think he also planned to use Homer’s being complicit in the entrapment of someone else to quash their rebellion. But then when Homer had sex with Renata, he saw an even greater, more effective way to do that; just to make it hurt the others even more. Prairie especially. I get the feeling he has a thing for her and singles out and is jealous of Homer because of their closeness. But he can’t expect the girl to fall for him when he’s torturing her.

Random thoughts:

  1. Are they not so far underground that their shouts could be heard above ground?
  2. Great. Now he’s watching them more closely.
  3. Why is this teacher so concerned with who Alfonso is eating lunch with, considering there is already a teacher there “monitoring” them?
  4. Don’t lost it Homer.
  5. No Renata! Run!
  6. Don’t tell him anything Scott!

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