The OA S01E02 Recap

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I knew Hap was going to kidnap Prairie! I got so many creepster vibes from him. He was far too eager when he first encountered her; overly nice and charming. And he seemed oddly adept at interacting with a blind person. Perhaps he had before, but so far in the story we don’t know if he had. He never once made a mistake or forgot she was blind. He was too perfect. And all of that stuff about she should never have been medicated and he thinks she’s so special, making her feel accepted. He was just buttering her up.

He just all around sounded and acted like a cult leader.
And what a perfect target she was. Her blindness, unfortunately, made her easy to manipulate. When he was taking her down to the basement, just the look of its door was way off for what it was (who has a steel door to their basement?) and the fact that he led her to an underground cavern and that the handrail changed. All of these little things that we, the audience, could see and that Prairie couldn’t that were red flags.

I don’t think he’s necessarily evil, just that he believes the ends justify the means. This research is so important to him that he will do anything – no matter how heinous – in order to achieve his goals. I think he is genuinely taken with Prairie because he can use her.

I’m curious as to why we weren’t shown Homer’s face when we’ve seen it already. Was he purposely being hidden from us or were they just focusing on Prairie and her reaction to being captured?

I kind of believe that Prairie’s father is alive. Either he is or she really is crazy. I’m hoping that all of the things she has experienced with the dreams/premonitions etc is real and she’s not mad. The story would be so much more interesting that way and it would just take the wind out of my sails if it wasn’t. It would probably still be just as impactful, however.

I thought that “Buck” was a nickname since they were called “Michelle” by their parents earlier, or at least that I misheard, but no; they’re trans. I do like Buck though – I think they’re just adorable – so I can’t wait to learn more about them.

I do not want this thing with Prairie to mess up Alfonso’s scholarship. TV writing being TV writing, it likely will. I want him to keep that scholarship because I want him to get away from his mother. Although, I don’t want his little brothers to stay with her either and if he goes there is no one there to take care of them. There is nothing wrong her. She’s just lazy and couldn’t give a damn about her children.

If it does mess him up though, I suspect that by that point in the story – because of his experience with and what he learns from Prairie – he won’t be bothered.

Random thoughts:

  1. She sold her own niece!
  2. No! Don’t go home yet. Get back in the house. Continue the story Prairie!
  3. I get that Prairie’s parents are just trying to help, but they really don’t get it.

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