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Yea, no. This episode wasn’t any better than “Attack on Gorilla City.” In fact, I’d say that that episode was better than this one because it at least had the highlight of the arena fight. I was hoping for an all out attack on Central City with Grodd and his gorilla army just destroying everything and wreaking havoc; an actual attack on the city. But nope, none of that.

Instead we got Grodd and his army barely marching into Central City and doing little more than hitting a poor, defenseless car.

And Grodd was going to nuke the city for whatever reason? Not sure why he would have decided to do that when he had an entire gorilla army at his back, but I guess the run time for this episode needed to be padded. That just didn’t make sense to me and was an unnecessary occurrence.

As was Grodd taking over Joe. Literally the only reason Team Flash found out about the nuke was because Grodd did that. It was the dumbest thing the writers wrote all episode. Aside from Grodd sending Gypsy to kill them. They had no reason to think he was there. They were totally convinced they stopped him.

If he hadn’t sent Gypsy they wouldn’t have known he was there and if he hadn’t taken over Joe they wouldn’t have found out about the nuke. He was the reason his own plans failed. It’s like he was intentionally trying to sabotage himself. Except he wasn’t because these writers apparently don’t know what common sense is.

If Grodd’s plan was to nuke Central City…he could have just nuked Central City. Team Flash would have stopped said nukes, but Grodd could have had a back up plan (like he always does) and then march into the city with his gorilla army. Or something. Anything besides the stupidity that actually happened in this episode.

Barry considering killing Grodd was such a false flag. Yea, I know they were just trying to show how desperate he’d become because it’s Barry and that’s so out of character for him, but we all knew he wouldn’t do it and that no one on the team would let him. Plus, the writers and show runners would never get rid of Grodd permanently. They need to leave the door open for him to come back. He will escape from Argus next season.

Barry’s solution for getting around killing Grodd was quite clever. I wasn’t expecting his plan to be having Solovar and Grodd fight each other. The fight itself was altogether unimpressive and the CGI was terrible as always (Solovar landing on the street next to Grodd after he fell off the building looked so fake).

I was cheering for Barry to let Solovar kill Grodd because that’d be his way out of having to kill him, but he would have still been responsible for Grodd’s death and Barry needs to be pure.

I do not believe that Harry is not dying. I think that he is but Jesse with her petulant little self, automatically assumed he was lying so he’s letting her believe that. She really didn’t need to make a scene out of it. She wants to be a “big girl” and live with her boyfriend, but is still acting like a child.

Random thoughts:

  1. Barry’s super speed would not affect the cooking time of those things.
  2. He spat in his coffee!
  3. Well this is a super late Valentine’s Day episode.
  4. Lol Wally’s afraid of Harry!
  5. Harry isn’t mad?!
  6. Harry ain’t lying!
  7. Cisco may surprise you Gypsy.

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