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How do you know that changing these headlines will prevent Iris’ death Barry? How? There is literally no evidence to that fact and you didn’t prevent Grodd’s attack on Central City anyway (Yay Grodd for having a back-up plan!). I wish Team Flash’s plan was built on a more solid foundation than “Maybe if we changed this, then that won’t happen.” This is a life or death situation! But of course, this plan will work because the writers will write it that way, no matter how nonsensical it is.

The one thing that they have at Star Labs that can tell them whether or no the future is changing is the by line on the newspaper in the time vault. But they’re not checking it to see if Iris’ name reappears on it because they’ve forgotten it exists again.

Even better and a more definite method of checking their progress? Francisco “Cisco” Ramon. He can vibe them to the future. We’ve seen him do it. Why aren’t they doing that every time they change a headline to see if Iris still dies? HR was there the first time Cisco vibed Barry to the future. That was a change and they hadn’t even started attempting to alter the headlines yet. If changing the headlines is working, more of the things surrounding the moment she dies should be changing. Just vibe to the future Barry!

But of course, they’re not going to check.

And again, they didn’t actually change the headline about the gorilla attack and that’s the second headline they failed to change. At least they weren’t as negligent this time around.

They were incredibly foolish for trusting Grodd. Anyone could have seen that betrayal coming from a mile away. He told them himself that he wanted them to kill Solovar so he could become leader of Gorilla City. They knew that he was the one who sent Harry the equation and that his capture was just a lure to get them there. There were so many red flags.

There was no way they could have gotten out of the arena fight with Solovar, but they could have done that without making a deal with Grodd. And if they did, they could have at least not relied on his keeping his word and had a plan of their own to escape once their end of the deal was done.

The arena fight was the best thing that happened in this episode. I loved the camera work and I’m pretty sure the CGI didn’t look  awful there – as it did elsewhere in the episode – because the entire thing was digital. Except for the green screen Barry, which looked awful. It stuck out like a sore thumb. As did the CGI gorillas when they went down to the cells that Barry and company were being held in.

My only gripe with the fight is that Barry pulled a Dragon Ball Z and One Punch Man; he got his ass handed to him (DBZ) and then defeated Solovar with a single blow (OPM). I wish that it had been more of a fight and that Barry’s victory wasn’t nearly so swift (pun not intended).

As for Wally and Jesse, I do not like that she is moving to Earth-1 for a boy. The writer’s couldn’t have given her a better reason? Like once theY freed Harry they decided to stay on Earth-1 so that they’re out of Grodd’s reach, and he can’t use Harry later to open a breach? I want Harry to strongly object to this, but even if he does, the writers will find some b.s. reason to justify her picking up her entire life for a boy and then he’ll be cool with it.

And why did Wally expect her to do it just because he asked her to and why didn’t he himself volunteer to move to Earth-2 if he wanted to be with her so badly? The whole thing is kind of annoying.

Other than the arena fight, this entire episode was underwhelming. Here’s to hoping that “Attack on Central City” is better.

Random thoughts:

  1. Wally’s there Barry, you could have left him to protect Central City.
  2. It’s funny because Tom Felton was in a Planet of the Apes movie.
  3. No Iris, he’s single. He can’t be in a relationship with someone who lives in another universe.
  4. There is no way that something that can knock out normal humans should work on Barry. His body should have burned off that tranqiliser in seconds.
  5. No really, these tranqulisers shouldn’t work on Barry.
  6. Kiss his ass Barry! That’ll work.
  7. Damn Cisco, you went real dark, real fast.
  8. Oversold it a little bit Caitlin.
  9. So its Caitlin/Julian official now? Because I’d like them to be official now.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM on The CW.

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