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Is it just me or was this week’s episode a lot better than they’ve been recently? I wasn’t annoyed with anyone this week and that in and of itself was quite a feat. In fact, instead of criticising Wally for doing typical Wally things, I was cheering him on for the entirety of this episode. Especially during the race that opened it. Wally would have won the race if Barry hadn’t phased through the building; he had the lead and he was holding it. Barry’s win does not count.

This week’s meta, Yorkin; a man who can decay anything he touches, was one of the people whose Flashpoint powers and memories were restored by Julian when he was Dr. Alchemy and he feels very guilty about it. So much so that he more or less took it out on Caitlin. Are we supposed to ship the two of them now? I feel like they’re going to happen. I wouldn’t mind the two of them becoming a couple, but given Caitlin’s track record – Robbie died twice and Jay was a super villain – and that Julian used to be Dr. Alchemy and I don’t trust that he won’t become him again once Savitar returns, I don’t see this relationship going well. But we can enjoy the ship while it lasts.

Yorkin’s first attack, the murder of a chef at a restaurant, was the circumstance under which one of the headlines from the future occurred. Iris is the only one on Team Flash who noticed and because they failed to change this headline, she was scared that they won’t be able to prevent her death. Given that Team Flash’s entire mission is to change these headlines, one would think that they would be far more vigilant about the people and places mentioned in them and that Barry, who was at the crime scene, would have noticed that he was standing in the restaurant from the headline. Furthermore, shouldn’t they be monitoring said people and places to prevent these things from happening or something? I feel like Team Flash should be a lot more proactive about this.

Also, I guess since Iris wrote that article she’s not afraid of not leaving a legacy anymore and is now afraid of dying? Because last week she said she wasn’t afraid of dying.

Yorkin’s targets were police officers from Flashpoint who arrested him and one of them just so happened to be Joe. Unfortunately, Joe had a date with Cecile to meet her daughter Joanie. Joe’s reasoning for not cancelling those plans made no sense to me. Yes, as a police officer his life is always endanger, but here he has someone actively trying to killing him. Which is more immediate than the inherent risks of his job. He should be taking measures to protect himself. Going on a date to meet his girlfriend’s daughter is not reason enough not to do that. He’s only putting the two of them in danger. And as was predictable to anyone who watches The Flash – or TV in general – that is exactly what happened; Yorkin attacked Joe during the date. Which was awkward, due in large part to Joanie.

Afterward, when Joe insists on checking up on Cecile and Joanie, Iris finally tells him about her impending death and he becomes – justifiably – very upset. I still say Joe should have been in the loop from be beginning. Keeping it a secret from him really didn’t mean anything and given the morality of this show, everyone finds out secrets very much sooner rather than later. There was no point to it expect for the sake of cheaply manufactured drama and tension.

Yorkin attacks Iris and she’s taken back to Star Labs to be treated. When Barry suggested using his blood to save Iris and Julian said no, I expected Julian to suggest they use Wally’s since he is her brother and they would be more likely to be a match. But no, the actual solution Julian was putting forward was to somehow get speedster blood into Yorkin to neutralise his powers. Don’t see why the writers couldn’t have done both things, though. Given that Yorkin’s power works the opposite way to speedsters’ regenerative abilities, using speedster blood as a cure wouldn’t be that far of a stretch. This show was relied on greater leaps in logic than that.

Wally saves the day by finally acquiring the ability to phase, which he’d been learning to do all episode, and phasing his speedster blood into Yorkin; the only way to get it into him without touching him. Team Flash uses Yorkin to synthesise a cure of Iris and Jesse shows up in the post credits scene to tell Wally that Grodd has Harry.

Random thoughts:

  1. It kind of is about winning and losing, Barry. Kick is butt Wally!
  2. Team Flash doesn’t follow protocol Julian.
  3. I thought you said you weren’t afraid of dying last week, Iris.
  4. They put Joe on the spot!
  5. Where did he find clothes that are resistant to his decaying powers?
  6. Don’t be so hard on yourself Wally.
  7. Grodd next week!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM on The CW.

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