The Flash S03E06 Recap

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the-flash-306If I were Caitlin I’d be pissed at Barry. I’m surprised she’s not.

He told her it’s his fault she is turning into Killer Frost, something that is causing her a great deal of distress and not even a dirty look he gets? But Cisco gets chewed out for forcing her to tell the others about it?

Not that I blame her for getting mad at Cisco. He deserved it. It was not his place to make her tell the others before she was ready.

And she should never have gone to him and apologised for reacting the way she did. It’s fine that she understands why he did it but that doesn’t excuse what he did and she had every right to be upset. She shouldn’t be sorry for that. He owed her an apology, not the other way around.

And he didn’t apologise!

I swear the writers in this show are always twisting things so that the person in the right is made to look like they were in the wrong and vice versa.

I’m hoping that the future that Cisco vibed was the two of them training together and not fighting each other.

As was painfully predictable, Wally got his powers from Dr. Alchemy.

the-flash-306_1I figured the circumstances under which he would get them would be slightly different, in that he would willingly go to him to get the powers; with this ever present jealously of Barry combined with his tendency for recklessness.

But he was actually responsible.

I could not have been the only one who did a double take when he agreed to HR’s plan to lock him up. Here he had the perfect opportunity to get what he wanted so desperately and he didn’t just jump on it, despite the very obvious downside (which I’m not particularly sure is better or worse than getting hit by a truck).

Wally is growing up.

the-flash-306_2I’m glad we got back to Dr. Alchemy. For once an episode of this show does not feel like filler! We are back to the main story and it is finally moving forward.

I am curious as to the identities of the other two Alchemy metas and what their powers are. I thought that we would see their powers in the fight at the end of the episode. It would certainly have made sense; your leader’s evil lair is attacked by the good guys, you have super powers, you use them to defend yourself, your leader and your base.

But they didn’t do anything besides get handcuffed by Barry.

Sure Barry is fast and as such he would be able to deal with them before they got a chance to do anything, but the writers of this show write him to be a fast or slow as the plot of the episode demands. They could have done that here.

the-flash-306_3I have no idea what this thing is but it looks like a Decepticon, Ultron and a mimic had a baby.

Time to consult with Emergency Awesome.

I wish Dr. Alchemy was the only villain this season, just so The Flash can get away from having a speedster be the big bad. The writers can get away with doing it two seasons back to back, but not for a third.

Random thoughts:

  1. Was Joe always so tall or is she just short?
  2. Iris your contribution is perfectly timed inspirational speeches.
  3. But how HR took over Joe’s date though…
  4. HR is growing on me. I love how he “agrees” with everything. Still don’t trust him though.
  5. Ya screwed up Barry!
  6. Have these police officers not heard of stealth?
  7. I’m sure Barry is fast enough to avoid these attacks.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM on The CW.

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