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flash-s03e05_3I am really, really loving Caitlin’s story line this season. I’m so excited to see her become Killer Frost. Her story line is probably the best thing about this season right now and the only thing I am truly looking forward to and enjoying every single week.

But as much as I want to see her make the transition to Killer Frost, I don’t actually want her to be Killer Frost; I want her to get the powers but I don’t want her to turn evil and become a villain. I also don’t want her to get the powers and turn evil and then Team Flash finds someway to take them away and “fix her.” I want her to have the powers and remain herself.

We got a little flash – no pun intended – of her potential villainy when she was defending herself against Nigel. It seemed like she wasn’t in control of herself there and it was kind of scary. Caitlin is the sweetest, nicest, kindest, softest, most generous person on all of The Flash. So to see her turn evil would be really sad and disappointing.

flash-s03e05_1If she really does turn evil – if that’s unavoidable – I really, really hope that the writers of the show do it in a way that does her character justice. That makes sense and even if we as the audience don’t like what has happened to her, we understand and sympathise with her and maybe even pity her.

Just the thought of sweet little Caitlin turning evil is very depressing. I can see the tragedy coming and I am not prepared for it.

The whole kaiju thing this week was weird. Not weird in and of itself, but weird for The Flash.

Firstly is the fact that there was even a giant monster to begin with. The Flash doesn’t do monsters. It’s not that kind of show and no, King Shark doesn’t count. Second, that it turned out it was a hologram made by a 15 year old who is a victim of bullying and wanted to feel powerful and scare others for once.

I’m so used to the villains in this show being  meta humans, even the weekly ones, that it feels kind of strange and not Flash-y for it to just be a normal person. That doesn’t happen very often.

That whole story felt like filler to pad the episode so that it would reach it’s 30 minute run time. Everything else in the episode felt relevant. This was just weird.

flash-s03e05_2We finally got to learn more about Julian. We learnt a lot about him actually. He was the source of the second info dump heavy scene in this episode (the first being Caitlin’s conversation with her mother about her dead father and husband), when he told Barry about his life back in England. We see now why he hates metas, it comes down to jealously more or less; they have powers and he doesn’t. He wants powers to help people and criminal metas squander them. I’m starting to think that maybe he’ll get powers from Dr. Alchemy just because of that little revelation.

It’s still not clear why he dislikes Barry. I get the feeling that he will find out that Barry is The Flash sooner rather than later and I don’t think he’ll react to that very well. It was nice to see him and Barry make some progress toward not hating each other, though.

HR was trying waaaaay too hard. Like Cisco, I had an off feeling about him the moment that he showed up and I still don’t trust him. I don’t buy his story about being a “scientist” and novelist. What would be the point of that in the broader context and scheme of the show? It would just be a waste to have him here if that’s the case. There has to be something more to his character. He has to still be hiding something.

He was funny though; being totally incompetent and not knowing what he was doing and trying to cover it up. He was so ridiculous. Tom Cavanagh must really be enjoying himself this season.

Random thoughts:

  1. Barry and Cisco living together is the best thing since buttered toast.
  2. Julian pulled a Draco Malfoy in The Philosopher’s Stone.
  3. All of the show’s budget went into this episode.
  4. Danielle Panabaker’s hair and make-up are amazing! Are her lips blue under that lipstick?
  5. Star Wars reference.

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