The Flash S03E04 Recap

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killer-caitlinThis week’s episode of The Flash felt a bit like a filler episode, just because there really wasn’t anything in it that moved the main plot forward. There was progression of sub-plots like Barry and Iris’ relationship, Jesse being a speedster and Caitlin slowly turning into Killer Frost, but there wasn’t anything that was related to the main plot – which pretty much revolves around Dr. Alchemy; who was absent in everything but name – in this episode.

I liked the search for the new Harrison Wells. That was fun to watch with a few laugh-out-loud worthy moments, especially when Harry, Cisco and Caitlin were reviewing the responses from the Harrison Wellses of the other universes. I personally don’t really like the Earth-19 Harrison Wells. He does have a fun personality, but when he first appeared I thought he was a bit of a hipster, douche Wells.

I like the Harrison Wells that we have now. I don’t want to get rid of him and I don’t see the necessity of it. I would assume that its important to the story later, but who knows? The writers might be doing it just because. I think that Tom Cavanagh had a lot of fun with this episode.

I would have liked Jesse to stay on the show a little longer and be Barry’s partner in crime-stopping for a few more episodes. I feel like we barely got to see her as a speedster. And of course she didn’t listen to Barry when given an order. And of course she got in the way and caused trouble in so doing. For a moment I actually thought she wouldn’t make that particular standard rookie mistake. I’m glad she recognised that she was at fault for Barry getting trapped in the mirror.

The Mirror Master villain of the week story was fine. It was nice seeing Ashley Rickards working on something other than Awkward. At least it enabled us to see Captain Cold again; who is hands down the best of the Rogues on the show.

irisIris was an unreasonable pain in the ass. I don’t see why she would not understand Joe being uncomfortable and awkward with seeing her and Barry kissing. They are both his children and it’s kind of weird and he would need time to get used to it. There was no need, really, for her to make Barry talk to him about it. Granted, Joe did end up saying that they’re adults and can do whatever they want, but then she got on Barry’s case for being uncomfortable for getting couple-y in front of Joe.

The writers did not need to give Barry a reason beyond feeling awkward about kissing someone in front of his father, especially someone whom he was raised with as his sister more or less. There was nothing wrong with him feeling awkward about it and he did not need further justification for said feeling. It’s almost like they the writers are trying to say that not sucking face with a significant other in front of your parents is weird. For Iris to basically try to bully Barry out that was unfair and I think that she was in the wrong.

Also, there was a lot of kissing in this episode.


Random thoughts:

  1. Is Joe getting a love interest?
  2. But that fact that Jesse can run at super speed in high heels though…
  3. Thanks Honest Trailers, I cannot unsee Barry’s head shaking.

The Flash airs on Tuesdays at 8 PM on The CW.

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