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This is why Misty should have been brought in on everything from the beginning, when Luke first suggested it at the Chinese restaurant. Or at least she should have been told enough so that she got a firmer grasp of the situation (she was already investigating the Hand already after all) and just leave out the mystical mumbo jumbo.

Kudos to her for having their backs the whole time they were being held at the police station. I think that even if she had known everything though, she wouldn’t have been able to do more for them in that particular situation than she already had. But they could have trusted her with more information I think. Because of her they weren’t arrested or charged with anything and they got their opportunity to escape.

Kudos also to Foggy for being the ever dependable BFF. He has never liked the fact that Matt is a vigilante, but he always helped him, looked out for him and supported him nonetheless. He even brought him his suit so that he could hide his identity! He’s a real friend and Matt is more than lucky to have him. I think that he will be the one to end up with Karen because she just cannot be supportive of Matt’s crime fighting.

When Misty found the hole in the wall (that either Luke or Jessica could have made, frankly, but it was likely Luke), my first thought was “Where’s Matt?” He and Foggy had just discussed how Matt getting involved in this could ruin his career as a lawyer and his life as a civilian and breaking out with Luke and Jessica would have done just that. Fortunately for Matt, the police just assumed that the two had kidnapped him. That’s not so fortunate news for Luke or Jessica though, especially Luke; he just got out of prison.

While they were busy doing that, Elektra was busy securing her position with the three remaining Fingers. She killed Alexandra because she wanted to be free and she doesn’t want to join the Hand, let alone lead them. All she wants is the substance.

I must say that I was very excited to see Luke, Jessica and Matt fight with Murakami, Gao and Bakuto. Mostly because I wanted to see Gao in action. Of the three Fingers, she was the only one we hadn’t before seen fighting. She was far more nimble and agile than I thought she could have been, considering she walks with a cane and on account of her age. Jessica had absolutely no problem with fighting an old woman. Neither did Luke.

The Fingers kind of quickly disappeared though, so I don’t know if their objective had been to kill them, but they were overwhelmed and ran or if they had simply intended to delay them until Elektra had Danny opened the door.

I agree with Colleen that they should blow up Midland. With the remaining Fingers there, as well as the one thing they had been after this whole time right there, they could kill two birds with one stone; end the Hand once and for all and cut off access to what was behind the door. If the Hand is at all like Hydra killing Murakami, Gao and Bakuto would not end them completely so sealing it would keep away and new Fingers who would wish to pop up.

Danny’s fight and how it would end was predictable as all hell. That’s not a mark against the writers or anything. It’s just that it was really obvious that Danny would glow up and try to punch Elektra, only for her to dodge the blow so that his fist would hit the door. There was no other way that was going to go because there was no other way to get him to open it. He was never going to do it willingly, so he had to do it unwittingly.

I’m quite underwhelmed by what we’ve seen is behind the door. At least so far. I’m assuming that those bones belong to Shou Lao. It’s clear that the door doesn’t lead to K’un L’un. Alexandra and company had been saying that it has something to do with the substance. So that should be there at least.

Random thoughts:

  1. They got arrested!
  2. I’m sure that Jessica can break those cuffs.
  3. Dang, Luke’s still out.
  4. I literally laughed out loud when they took the train.
  5. I love Misty. I know I disliked her a lot in Luke Cage but I really like her now.

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