Sundown Superhero Drops New Music Video

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Barbadian pop-punk band Sundown Superhero dropped their latest music video late this morning. The video, which was shot in Toronto during their The Rum and The Reckless summer tour in June, is for the first single from their sophomore EP For What It’s Worth, “Endless Summer.”

In the video, the boys suit up and get ready to head out to their actual, in real life, day jobs; Emile (vocals, guitar) is a doctor, Craig (bass, vocals) is a pilot and Philip (drums) is an office worker. Intercut with the boys’ not so great starts to their work days, the band is seen performing. Bored, Emile texts Craig and Philip and the three meet up to go to the studio and perform in front of a crowd.

The video was directed by Nicholas Collier and shot by Jaiden Reese and Conor Forrest with director of photography Brandon Keeney.

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Watch the music video for “Endless Summer” below:

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