Sundown Superhero Drops “Midnight Knock”

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Hot on the heels of the release of their first single, “California Dime”,  local pop-punk band Sundown Superhero released their second single “Midnight Knock” and their first ever music video to accompany it. In the video the band – Emile Sabga, Philip Norville and Craig Haniff – play spies who have been charged with retrieving a briefcase from a woman in a red coat. In our recent interview with the band, they described the video shoot as “[so] much fun” and “a good experience.”

Bassist Craig Haniff said of the song and video:

“‘Midnight Knock’ as a song title refers to a knock on your door/phone call/text etc that you might get late at night from someone you should or shouldn’t be talking to. The song basically refers to a girl who gets in a relationship that sucks and it’s almost as difficult to get out of it – we compare that scenario to a binding contract with the CIA/FBI.

The video wasn’t really inspired by anything or anyone per se, it was an idea we were bouncing around for a while. I wrote the broad script and the boys took it and ran with it and made it into what it is now. Funny enough, Emile called me late last year and said he had and idea for a video and it was pretty similar to what we have now, so we kinda combined ideas.

The entire band is excited and relieved that we don’t have to wait any longer. Nathan Mack, our videographer/video editor, did all the filming, directing and editing. We were nagging him constantly and it was worth the wait. So far everyone has been giving us some amazing reviews and some priceless advice and constructive criticism. Initially we weren’t going to release the song to radio but we changed our minds on that and decided we’d make it available for people who might wanna just crank it up in their car. It’ll be available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Bajan radio waves soon.

Just wanna say thanks to Simon Pipe at Creek Production who sprinkled his magic dust on the mix and master of the song to make it amazing. Fun fact: Simon also plays the guitar solo in this song. A huge shoutout to Jah Reddis for being the world’s worse boss, Lennox for his help and coming out – we go way back with him – Kris & the staff at Castaways, Melanie Mark (whose character was inspired by Carmen Sandiego), plus the countless people that made the video possible. We’ve got so much more in store!”

A couple of hours after the song and video’s release, AnimeKon announced that the band will be performing at AnimeKon IX: World of Wonder in August.

Check out our interview with the band and be sure to like them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channel. Watch the music video for “Midnight Knock” below:

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