Sundown Superhero Drops ‘Honey’s Hit The Floor’ Music Video

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As fans of local pop-punk band, Sundown Superhero, await brand new music from their upcoming sophmore EP – which they teased back in January – they’ve released a new music video to tie us over until then.

The video for “Honey’s Hit The Floor”, the fourth track on their debut EP Wake Up the Neighbourhood, premiered on the band’s YouTube channel yesterday morning. It stars local musician and producer Simon Pipe and Serena Ward as a fighting couple at the end of their relationship. The band plays in the background of the action and hand the couple cards.

Here’s what the band had to say about the video:

Zeitgeist: Was the 24-hour time constraint a help or a hindrance?
Philip (Drummer): The advantage with this particular style [of] video is that things don’t have to be perfect. The more time we spent on trying to perfect it, the further we’d be drifting from our original concept, so in a way it did help. Plus we had the help of the very talented and professional Nathaniel Gunby (who helped with the choreography), Simon Pipe and Serena Ward who instantly jumped into their roles and made everything run smoothly.

Z: How did you come up with the concept for the video?
Emile (Vocals, Guitar):
We all sat around a table the night before the shoot with a notebook and pen in hand. After throwing around a few ideas, we decided we wanted to highlight the disparity of the song’s somber message with a lighthearted and fast-paced video. As Phil mentioned, limited time forced us to be creative with the few resources that we had. The handwritten signs display the duality of thoughts and emotions experienced by our leading characters as they cope with their dysfunctional relationship, which eventually meets its demise. We raided our homes for furniture and props, we took very few takes of each scene, and truly fit the whole filming process into a 6 hour period – and still had time for lunch in the middle!

Z: Was it difficult getting the timing right for the long takes?
Craig (Bass, Vocals):
I wouldn’t use the word difficult, but it’s something that if we didn’t get right, the energy and flow of the video wouldn’t have been conveyed the way we wanted it to. It did mean that we had to pay a lot more attention to our performance shots since there wasn’t much “chop and drop” that could be done in the edits.

Watch the video for “Honey’s Hit The Floor” below:

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