Sundown Superhero Announces ‘Wake Up The Neighbourhood’ Release

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Photo provided by Craig Haniff. Photography by Nathan Mack.

Hot on the heels of their stellar performances at AnimeKon IX: World of Wonder and the One Movement Invitational Skate Contest, local pop-punk band Sundown Superhero has announced that their first EP, Wake Up The Neighbourhood, will be released this October. The band teased the release of the EP back in April when they were featured on the Barbadian online music streaming service, Selecta Charts.

Of the release, band members Emile Sabga (lead vocals, guitar), Craig Haniff (bass, vocals) and Philip Norville (drums) said:

“It’s been a long time coming, to be honest. You wouldn’t know it, but we wrote some of these songs upward of 7 years ago! To finally see them blossom is super exciting, and we can’t wait to share them with everyone. These songs mean a lot to each of us in our own ways, but for me, they remind me of all the things we’ve been through together (both good and bad) as a band and as friends.” – Emile.

“WAKE UP THE NEIGHBOURHOOD!!!! Name says it all! I’m craaaaazy hype for it. We worked incredibly hard on it.  These songs have been written for a while so to see them reach the stage they’re at now is just fantastic! Can’t wait for it.  October 2018!!!” – Craig.

“After months of recording, re-recording and revisiting these tracks, we are finally in a position to release a collection of some of the songs we’ve been working on these last couple [of] years. I personally believe we finally have a product that we’re proud to stamp with the Sundown Superhero/Punk Rock seal of approval.” – Philip.

For a preview of what to expect from the band when Wake Up The Neighbourhood drops next month, listen to their singles “California Dime” and “Midnight Knock” on their YouTube channel (where you can also view the music video for the latter single). Sundown Superhero’s music is available on Selecta Charts, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Check out our feature with the band here.

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