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I didn’t want to think that it was true. I didn’t want to believe that it was true…but it was true; Will wasn’t Will anymore and had been completely taken over by the Thessalhydra, I mean, the Mind Flayer. It had all of us fo0led with its “I’m so sorry. He made me do it.” act. I should have known from then that it wasn’t him – and I kind of did. Will wouldn’t have led those soldiers into a trap.

Again, I can’t help but feel for Will, but also for Joyce. How much it must have hurt seeing her son and knowing that it wasn’t him but some evil thing possessing him. My boy Mike though, he didn’t even hesitate in suggesting that they knock him out to keep him from spying on them. He had no qualms! And was basically the only one thinking on their feet.

The demogorgons, demodogs, slaughtered everyone just like I knew that they would. Just one demogorgon took out Hawkins Lab in season one, an army would do the same much faster and much easier. There were far less than I had assumed, given the number of dots on the radar. It could be that we haven’t been shown all of them in full force yet, I suppose.

Bob just continued to prove why I – and, I’m sure – everyone else loves him by volunteering to put his life at risk to save everyone else. Even going so far as to tell Hopper to take the others and leave him. Really, Bob was an amazingly brave, just all around good man that I am going to miss immensely. It’s so unfair. Why did he have to die? He got everyone out! He got himself out! He was home free! And did they need to rub it in by showing him getting eaten by those deomodogs?

I am so with and behind Joyce in killing the Mind Flayer. Bob needs to be avenged! This is the one time that I am going to advocate revenge. The Mind Flayer can’t kill Bob and get away with it! It took Joyce’s son, it took her boyfriend and now it has to be killed.

If that thing wasn’t in Will and was in someone else, I would have advocated burning him to get the information out of him. But there was no need for such violence. Will is still conscious in there and appealing to his emotions was a much kinder method. Joyce once again proved why she has earned the title of Best Mom by knowing and believing that Will was still in there. I myself was somewhat doubtful, but Joyce’s instincts are always a safe bet.

I was afraid that killing the Mind Flayer would mean having to kill Will. He is in the hive mind after all. I was surprised when no one brought that up in the entire discussion about killing the thing before. It looks like all they have to do is close the gate to kill the Mind Flayer, but I’m still wary that Will won’t be alive buy the end of the season. That solution is a little too simple. A little too easy to resolve everything. Not without a loss of some kind.

Luckily for them they got Will’s message before the phone rang and “Will” found out where they were. Whoever that was picked the worst possible moment to call Joyce’s house. Those demodogs got there really quickly and I loved how Jonathan hesitated to take the gun from Hopper and Nancy just stepped forward, ready to kill anything that made it inside the house. I love how, with the teen group, she is the one who is always leading them in some sort of plan or scheme to save the day.

I really expected Eleven to show up at Hawkins Lab and save Bob at the last minute. Instead, she showed up at Will’s house and killed all of the demodogs. The girl knows how to make an entrance. The only thing missing from her return was a kiss between her and Mike. I was ready for that to happen. They’d been apart and missing each other for so long. It would been perfect. But more important things were at hand, I guess.

Random thoughts:

  1. How are they going to escape Hawkins Lab?
  2. Max’s parents DO exist.
  3. Billy’s dad is a homophobe and abusive. Is Billy gay? I always got the feeling that he was gay.
  4. This plan should work. He did get Frodo to  Mordor.

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