Stranger Things S02E03 Recap

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I knew it! I freaking knew it! I had hoped, I had prayed and I had wished…but I knew it. I love Bob, but his advice to Will was terrible and ultimately harmful.

The second that Bob told Will the story about Mr. Baldo it was obvious, predictable, that the next time Will saw the Thessalhydra, he would try to stand up to it. I didn’t want it to end badly and I was hoping it wouldn’t end badly, but oh my gosh did it end badly. Will cannot catch a break. I am certain that the Thessalhydra has now possessed him. Why else do smoke monsters force their essence into your body through every imaginable orifice?

And I knew that that exact thing was what was going to happen; that it would go inside Will. It’s made of smoke – or shadow as Will described it to Mike – and smoke/shadow monsters usually end up going into people. Now Will has to suffer this on top of being the person to bring Dart over from the Upside Down.

That thing is not cute. At all. I don’t know what Dustin is even talking about with that. My first instinct would have been to kill it, just like the others. Sure, it hasn’t actually done anything harmful…yet…but it’s from the Upside Down and I don’t trust it. Especially since it’s growing so fast. For all we know, or they know, it’s a baby demogorgon. Dustin’s trust in Dart is the only reason why I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe, it’s not evil. Foolish as I think Dustin is being.

Eleven picked the worst  day to disobey Hopper and run away from home. Firstly because the personnel from Hawkins Laboratory were all over the woods, following up on Hopper’s advice to check out the rotting plants. The head people they are trying to hide her from are right there, close enough to find her on her trek through the woods. And Owens is so very arrogant that he believes that they have everything under control and this rot has nothing to do with them. Ugh.

Secondly, it was the day that Dustin took Dart to school and it escaped; the one day in which, for the first time, Mike and Max got the opportunity to be alone together and bond. And Eleven saw it all! The dread that I felt as she heard his voice, as Max stopped and started to circle Mike, as Eleven started to walk toward the gym, as Mike starting smiling at Max…I really didn’t want her to see it. She looked so incredibly jealous and angry when she did. Admittedly, it was kind of funny when she tripped up Max, though.

If there was any adult I’d want Eleven to live with besides Hopper, it would be Joyce. As much as that would mean that Bob couldn’t have been in the picture and I really like Bob. Joyce knows Will so well and she knows that his visions aren’t just PTSD. She knows that there is something more going on. So of course she noticed the Thessalhydra on the video tape from Halloween night. She’d seen it before in Will’s drawing, yes, but that’s the point. Anyone else would have assumed it was just some weird noise or grain on the video if even they’d seen Will’s drawing. They would not have put the two together. But not Joyce. Joyce is sharp.

Random thoughts:

  1. Oh. Hopper knows that Eleven visits Mike.
  2. Does Jonathan not like Bob?
  3. The trees did lead to the epicentre…and it’s Hawkins Laboratory. Should have known.
  4. Why is Hopper reading her a story about a dead family?
  5. Billy isn’t Max’s brother confirmed.

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