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Kaveh Holder and Amaya Howard took home their crowns as Mr. and Ms. SMS Model Search 2017 this past Saturday, March 11th, when the finale of the months long competition was held at the St. Michael School. Last year’s winners, Joshua Soudatt and Tiara Pantlitz, returned to crown the pair. The first runners-up were Menelik Babb and Shonya Ward and the second runners-up were Jaren Worme and Alyssa Bryan.

The twelve contestants vying for the crown, strut their stuff in four segments; One Caribbean (in which they sported clothing depicting the flags of various Caribbean nations), Designer, Varsity (in which they embodied subjects and areas of the school curriculum) and Gems (in which the contestants’ gowns and suits represented various attractions around Barbados, such as Codrington College, Harrison’s Cave and Crop Over).

The show included musical performances by Romario Wilkinson, Megan Green and Joaquin and Nikita, as well as giveaways. Some of the contestants from SMS Model Search 2016: It Was Written, graced the stage once again and finalist from the upcoming Combermere School Phoenix Runway and the Alexandra School’s  pageant had their moments to shine on the catwalk.

Holder and Howard were also the winners for People’s Choice, Best Gem and Best One Caribbean. Holder was named winner of the Africa Day Challenge along with Simone Williams and Howard walked away with the award for Best Designer with Menelik Babb. Altogether Holder and Howard took home four awards each, tying with Simone Williams who in addition to her win for the Africa Day Challenge, won Most Improved (Female), Most Photogenic (Female) and was the first female recipient of the Principal’s Achievement Award.

Congratulations to Kaveh Holder and Amaya Holder.

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Here is the full list of winners:

Most Improved (Male): Nicholas Sobers
Most Improved (Female): Simone Williams

People’s Choice (Male): Kaveh Holder
People’s Choice (Female): Amaya Howard

Photogenic (Male): Jaren Worme
Photogenic (Female): Simone Williams

Africa Day Challenge Winner (Male): Kaveh Holder
Africa Day Challenge Winner (Female): Simone Williams

Best Varsity (Male): Menelik Babb
Best Varsity (Female): Shonya Ward

Best Gem (Male): Kaveh Holder
Best Gem (Female): Amaya Howard

Principal’s Achievement Award: Simone Williams

Best One Caribbean (Male): Kaveh Holder
Best One Caribbean (Female): Amaya Holder

Best Designer (Male): Menelik Babb
Best Designer (Female): Amaya Howard

Second Runner Up (Male): Jaren Worme
Second Runner Up (Female): Alyssa Bryan

First Runner Up (Male): Menelik Babb
First Runner Up (Female): Shonya Ward

Mr. SMS Model Search 2017: Kaveh Holder
Ms. SMS Model Search 2017: Amaya Howard

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