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Every once in awhile, a new artist takes the airwaves by storm with a song that can only be described as a viral sensation. Then as time goes by and everyone patiently awaits the next hit song from the artist, nothing happens. It’s like the artist disappears from the face of the earth or you watch their slow descent from grace. That’s right, the one hit wonders.

This list highlights some of the most notable one hit wonders in Barbadian soca music. The songs here were picked based on their impact compared to other songs released by the artist (if any are available). Click the song titles to listen to them.

#5. “Like Dah” – Original Duck (2003).

Wunna like dah nuh. Wunna like bare sport da wa.”

I have to be very honest right now: this song is nothing like I remembered it. When I was doing research for this list and read the title of this song, I was elated. Original Duck! Boy, what happened to him? I remember seeing him perform on CBC, with the most hilarious wukup in life, and the crowd just cheering him on chanting: “Go Duck! Go Duck!” 13 years later, as I sit and listen to this song, I don’t have to wonder why he was a one hit wonder. It’s painful to sit through. I can’t tell what the message of the song is. All I gathered is, people like things, he also likes things, then there’s a saxophone. It’s just super weird. I feel like it may be satirical, poking fun at dancehall music, but maybe I’m trying to give it too much credit and it’s really just a bad song.


#4. “Ain’t Loveable” – Flexy (2005).

“Not me. I ain loveable bosy.”

All credit for this selection goes to @zoemarks. 18 minutes before I sent this post to be edited, I realised I only had 4 songs in my top 5 countdown. I did as one does and rushed to the group chat to ask for a suggestion and they came through! Pity no one ever comes through when we’re planning a lime. I’m not bitter, though. Don’t watch anything. It’s cool. I’m not hurt.

This song is hilarious. I’m honestly not sure how I forgot about it. It’s well written, witty, for lack of a better word and on a catchy beat that reflects the songs of the time. Certainly a happy classic, it’s sure to put a nostalgic smile on any face at any pork lime or party.

#3. “Chow Mein” – The Chinese Connection (2009).

“You barely want chow mein in you. Chinese in you.”

Being a one hit wonder isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes the persona may be only good for one thing and it’s important to understand that. As far as I know, he only created one song for this character.

I don’t have any Asian friends so I can’t ask if this is offensive to them, but one thing it is for sure is hilarious; poking fun at popular Chinese stereotypes and Barbadians’ relationship with them.

“Wunna hiding wunna dogs and hidin cats,
Getting on like I want dem for my snacks!”

To top it all off, the song has an accompanying dance that anyone can join in with. All in all, it’s pretty enjoyable.

#2. “Wite Wine” – Wite wine (2003).

“I even read in a book white men can’t wukup.”

There was a period of time when I swore I fabricated the memory of this song. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Only after a very intense search (and I mean intense; I went to page THREE on Google), was I able to discover anything about this song. Up to this day, I can’t find this song for my personal collection. If you’re reading this and you have it, please send it.

This song is hilarious. The lyrics have Mr. Wite Wine debunking an age old myth; that white men can’t wukup. I vaguely remember seeing a hilarious performance of this song, but unfortunately, Mr. Wine didn’t quite have too many wuks left. He released another song in 2004 entitled “Tourist Wheel”, which isn’t exactly terrible, but it did show that maybe Wite Wine was a one trick pony.

#1. “Waistline Shots” – Mr. DJ (2005).

“Waistline licking shots. On the road again.”

I always say Crop Over is like a second Christmas, with the joyous, festive atmosphere it brings. Mr. DJ took it to another level when he sampled the seasonal tune “My Favourite Things.”

“I love de soca de bashment it brings.
These are a few of my favourite things.”

2005 boy, when bashment was the “in” word. This song is honestly one of the more timeless entries on this list. It still gives that warm feeling associated with nostalgia, yet it doesn’t make me cringe at its cheesiness. It’s a pity that Mr. DJ didn’t pick up much after this song. He had songs out as recently as 2014, as well as a moderately well known song, “Can’t Stop Dis”. Better luck in 2017 fam.

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