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So far this series has been very intriguing and not much of that has to do with the murders of Ann Nash and Natalie Keene. In fact, the series itself has little to do with said murders as much as it does with Camille and the town of Wind Gap. The murders, in some ways, simply serve as the catalyst for closely examining both, at least for me and how I’m experiencing the show. That doesn’t mean that the murder mystery isn’t fascinating, it just isn’t the most fascinating thing about it. For me, that’s Camille.

I haven’t seen the entirety of Amy Adams’ body of work, but based on what I have, it’s a bit shocking to see her playing a character who is as broken and messed up as Camille. She plays her very well too. Camille is a character who could be very easily detestable or come off as pathetic, or maybe even both. Adams, however, makes her sympathetic and relatable. It’s also very easy to sympathise with Camille when her mother comes into the picture.

My first thought after Adora was introduced was “No wonder Camille is an alcoholic.” Adora is an absolute nightmare. I think I understand why she is the way she is (Marian’s death), but at the same time that doesn’t stop me from finding her irritating and unbearable. She seems to hate Camille for no discernible reason. I think something had to have happened between her and Camille in the past. Given how overly concerned Adora is with propriety and appearances and her very controlling nature, though, I think it may be as simple as Camille not allowing her that control over her.

It’s clear that Camille’s issues stem not just from her mother’s overbearing nature, but from Marian’s death as well. She did say that their family never got over it.  The two were very close. This show has shed light on something that I don’t think many people – myself included – have ever thought about; self-mutilation in adults. It’s really only ever depicted in the media as something that teenage girls do. Camille no longer engages in self-mutilation – although she is very tempted to do so since returning home – but she’s only replaced it with alcohol. She is never not drinking.

Camille’s relationship with Amma is really weird. Amma in general is really weird. She drinks almost as much as Camille; quite a few of the times we see her when she’s not playing the role of the perfect daughter to Adora, there’s alcohol somehow involved. Being Adora’s daughter has screwed her up too and that’s why Camille covers for her all of the time. She knows what it’s like to be raised by their mother. I can’t tell if Amma is genuine when she says that she wants to get to know Camille better and have a real relationship with her, because she’s seems to always be trying to provoke her. She comes off as calculated and detached at times. She’s a bit disturbing in general and doesn’t seem to care about either of her parents.

Which is why she’s one of my suspects for the murders. There is something really off about that girl. If she is the murderer, I think that Adora knows. It would certainly explain why she is so obsessive about knowing where Amma is all of the time. Granted, girls her age are being murdered so that in and of itself would be an explanation, but Adora is so…Adora…about it. She’s also one of my suspects for the murders. She’s my first choice in fact, ahead of Amma. Other than the two of them, I don’t suspect anyone else. They would fit since they both knew Ann and Natalie and Richard – the only detective worth his salt in the entire show – has maintained that the girls were killed by someone from the town.

The M.O. for the murders may have changed, but I still think that the same person (Or persons? There is the fan theory that the whole town is involved in the murders) killed them. It’s not a coincidence that Ann and Nicole knew each other, that they were both outcasts and that their families were known for keeping to themselves (something which the town begrudges them for). Their fathers seem to hate each other though and I hope it’s eventually revealed why that is.

I wish Camille and Richard would just work together. She would be valuable to his investigation. She’s already started to help him understand the people of Wind Gap and I believe that she can get information that he can’t. I think she might have from Bob Nash. He was very open to talking to her and didn’t seem to mind. I think the fact that she didn’t think he killed his daughter, like everyone else did, and just wanted to hear what he had to say helped with that. The whole angle of her story – looking at how the murders affected the community – could help people open up to her, I think, more so than they would to someone investigating the murders. He’s said that they people of Wind Gap hate him. But we shall see.

Also they’re totally going to wind up sleeping together.

Random thoughts:

  1. Is that Bev from It? 
  2. It is!
  3. She’s your daughter, not a visitor.
  4. Does he have a chart of every time his kids are disobedient?
  5. She is so not old enough to be your mother, unless she had you as a teen.
  6. Shouldn’t she be telling people that she’s a reporter before talking to them about the case?
  7. Hey it’s Eden from The Handmaid’s Tale.
  8. Why doesn’t Adora mind her own business? Why does she think Camille is a threat to Amma?

Sharp Objects airs Sundays at 9 PM on HBO.

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