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The remainder of this season is going to be so juicy I can’t stand it. This is by far my favourite episode of the season because of the final few minutes and the fact that it made me realise that, slow as it has been so far, it has all been building to something greater and grander and what will hopefully be the most perfect ending to this series that Shonda Rhimes and company could ever come up with. I was a little hesitant coming into this episode because it looked like Liv was finally going to get her comeuppance, but with eight episodes left what could the rest of the season be about if that happened so soon? But man did this episode put those fears to rest and make me so excited to see those final eight episodes.

First things first: the intervention. I was so certain that Quinn would just pop around a corner like “Surprise bitch!” and catch Olivia off guard. That would have been nice. Even nicer though was seeing Olivia scared and squirming and trying so hard to put on a brave face. She even had the gall to call out everyone in the room on the terrible things they’d done. Which she wasn’t exactly wrong for because they have all done terrible things in the past, but Abby and Huck hit the nail on the head when they tried to talk to Olivia later; she did what she did in service of holding onto her power and she went after one of the group.

Jake also put Olivia’s actions into perspective when Mellie confronted him at Olivia’s apartment. He said that Olivia killed Rashad because Mellie was leading with her crotch (which to some extent was true but for me it was her romantic feelings more than her lust), but that wasn’t exactly it. Olivia did what she did because Mellie’s feelings for Rashad meant that she no longer held sway over Madame President and if there is one thing this new Olivia doesn’t take kindly to is challenges to her power and authority. He had to go for that reason and that reason only. She wasn’t at all looking out for Mellie’s best interest. She was looking out for hers.

I didn’t realise how inherently sexist Jake’s “legs open” comment to Mellie was until she pointed it out to him. She was right. Fitz was led around by his penis by Olivia for years and got no retaliation like Mellie did for having feelings for Rashad. It could be argued, though, that Olivia learned from Fitz’s mistake but as I just said, Olivia was looking out for number one so that wasn’t even a factor.

Of course Huck was the only person that she spoke to. He was the one person in OPA who was the most devoted to her, who relied on her the most and who owed her the most. He was always her little puppy. So she would think that of everyone there he would be the one she could convince to help her escape. Except she miscalculated. All of that was exactly why he would be the one most hurt by what she did and the least forgiving. Not just because of his relationship with Liv, but because of his relationship with Quinn too. I was so glad he rejected Liv. And so thoroughly too.

I did not for a second buy what Olivia was selling when she finally emerged from the bedroom. I didn’t buy her change of heart, I didn’t buy her resignation and I didn’t buy her sudden outpouring of emotion. That turn around was too fast. If Olivia is anything, this version of her especially, it’s stubborn and she would not have been persuaded so quickly. I was certain that she was working some angle or playing everyone in the room just so she could earn her freedom and go about her evil business. And she was!

For a second there when Jake went to confront her about ditching work to spend time with her boyfriend, I thought that she was actually sincere. But the second she dropped that glass and the music kicked in it was clear that Olivia had no intention of keeping any of her promises. Having sex with Jake right then was one part her celebrating her victory and one part her keeping him on his leash.

I was so prepared to see Jake go all T-1000 on Mellie, Cyrus, Fitz and QPA while Olivia was missing. He’s Olivia’s attack dog. She says “Jump” and he asks “How high.” But everything was resolved before he could truly go on a rampage on her behalf. Still, it was incredibly surprising that he turned on her in the end. I think he firmly believed that Olivia was doing the right thing and acting in the interest of the republic when he was explaining to Mellie why she killed Rashad. But it was his and Olivia’s post-coital morning conversation that opened his eyes to the truth of Olivia’s motives and how corrupt she had become.

Jake and Mellie are against Olivia, QPA is against Olivia and most importantly Quinn is against Olivia. Quinn is going to be the person to bring Olivia down. Jake and Mellie and QPA may deal some damage, but Quinn will be the one to finish her off. After she’d done her own damage of course. Olivia made the wrong decision when it came to Quinn. She made Quinn what she is and Quinn is going to unmake Olivia.

Poor Charlie though. He just got his wife and baby back and now he has to  let them go again – temporarily – for the sake of Quinn’s revenge quest. At this point he is the most normal person on this show. All he wants, all he cares about, is going home and starting a family with Quinn. I felt sorry for him being on the outside when it came to taking care of Robin. Quinn and Eli had a rhythm and were working together in raising his child. He just got into the picture and had no idea of how to take care of her. Which is why I was so glad that at the end, as he was saying goodbye, Eli showed him exactly what to do to comfort her when she was fussy. That was so sweet. I feel like Eli sees Robin as his second chance or the granddaughter he always wanted. Maybe both.

I don’t see why Charlie can stay there and be a stay at home dad while Quinn is out revenging. It’s not like QPA noticed his absence. I’m here for Quinn taking down Olivia.

Oh! It’s gonna be good!

Random thoughts:

  1. You know that face Wendy Williams makes when she’s like “Mmhmm?” That’st the face I’m making at Fitz and Olivia.
  2. It’s a trap!
  3. Yaas Fitz! Call her out!
  4. I love righteous anger Mellie.
  5. You go Cyrus. Show Jake who he’s dealing with.
  6. Awkward dad Charlie is adorable.
  7. Olivia’s bitch walk is back.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 PM on ABC.

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