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I knew it. You knew you it. We all knew it. The clues were all there and this episode just confirmed it. Quinn Perkins…is not dead. I told you she couldn’t be dead! Although for a second there I was kind of worried that I was wrong. Not because it looked like Eli was going to kill her, I knew that he wouldn’t, but I thought that she would die under different circumstances. Which would have just made the fact that Eli spared her sad and that would have been a more heartbreaking way for her to die.

Given that Quinn is Quinn, I was surprised that her first reaction when she woke up in Eli’s basement was to scream and ask for help and then panic when she saw him. I  mean this is Quinn. She’s no damsel, she’s a badass. I suppose that was her reaction here because of her pregnancy and she had her unborn child to protect, but still, you’d think she’d fight in the first place because of her baby. So I like that it was actually pointed out to her – via her hallucinations of Team Pope (or is it Team Perkins now?) – that she wasn’t being her usual self. She may have failed when she did fight back, but the point is that she fought back.

The fact that Eli went to kill Quinn after meeting with Olivia in the restaurant and didn’t (Why did we need to see that scene in its entirety again?), only solidified in my mind the idea that he wouldn’t kill her at all. He could have done it right then and ended it there, but he didn’t. Instead he decided to give Olivia more time. I must say I felt hurt for Quinn when she realised that Olivia told Eli no. Sure she thought Liv was totally evil for killing Yasmin and her uncle, but clearly she never thought that Liv would gamble with her life. I didn’t think Liv would gamble with her life either.

I’m glad Quinn actually got to over hear Olivia calling Eli’s bluff. That she was actually there to witness her playing with her life and that of  her unborn child. Liv really didn’t care about Quinn as much as she cared about winning. Plus, she was so arrogant she thought that she had everything under control. And then she didn’t even want to see the body! In that instance it was because she actually thought that Quinn was dead and she was visibly shaken by it. So I could understand her not wanting to see her friend’s lifeless body. Still, from Quinn’s perspective, it was like she couldn’t even care enough to do that.

I found it hilarious how immediately the dynamic between Eli and Quinn changed once the whole thing was over. They pretty much instantly became pals, bonding over how much of a bitch Olivia had become. It was also really funny that Eli refused to say that even though he acknowledged it to be true. He was so nurturing toward her after too. It was weird but also kind of touching and sweet. They both understood where they stood with a Olivia and given everything else, so there really wasn’t much of a reason for them to be antagonist toward each other anyway at that point.

But of course this episode couldn’t end without us seeing Quinn give birth. After all, little baby Robin was in that last episode and we needed to see how she got there. This was the moment in the episode that worried me and made me think that she may just die after all. Any number of things could have gone wrong when she gave birth and the fact that they couldn’t go to a hospital just made it that much riskier. It wouldn’t be far fetched to think that Shonda Rhimes would not have Eli kill Quinn, but then have her die while giving birth. We’ve all seen her body of work. Shonda would do that to us. But I was so glad to see that that hadn’t been the case and Quinn was fine.

The person that didn’t survive Quinn giving birth was Eli’s one and only friend, Marvin Heward. I didn’t think that he actually cared about him. I thought that he went up to him at the bar to play him. That his point was getting the employee discount so that anything he purchased from there in the future wouldn’t leave a paper trail that could follow him. I really thought that he was using this man. His buying the gun in Marvin’s name made me sure of my assumption. But he actually considered this guy a friend.

It was obvious that Martin was going to die once he helped Quinn deliver the baby. He was a loose end. Eli couldn’t risk him potentially telling someone that he had a woman and her baby trapped in his basement. Hell, Quinn didn’t need that risk either. Both she and Eli agreed that she needed to stay there, hidden, for a while. But Eli didn’t kill Marvin to protect himself, he did it to protect Quinn. Which I guess is sweet? …kind of?

Anyway, point is: Quinn isn’t dead and looks like next week Olivia will have to explain herself to everyone. I hope Quinn makes her grand entrance and exposes her. Remember when I said that Olivia will be her own reckoning? Those chickens are coming home to roost!

Random thoughts:

  1. You know they won’t buy that Quinn ran away Eli.
  2. Is Quinn going to team up with Eli and get back at Liv for gambling with her life?
  3. Why does he keep talking to this dinosaur?
  4. Oh…there’s a camera in it.
  5. Quinn is losing her dang mind.
  6. He is so not transferring that gun ownership in three months.
  7. Olivia did not hide how shaken she was very well.

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