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I don’t think that Quinn is dead. I really don’t. Firstly because we didn’t see Eli kill her in the mid-season finale, secondly because we didn’t even see her face when he was about to burn her body in this episode and third because we didn’t see Liv see the body. The number one rule of TV is if they didn’t die on screen, they’re not dead. So as of right now, I don’t buy that Quinn is dead. Especially since her baby showed up at the end of the episode. Apparently.

I found it hilarious that they decided to memorialise Quinn by cremating her and turning her ashes into bullets. I’m not entirely sure that it was “more Quinn” as Charlie said, but it was definitely very, very him. I was surprised that, unlike Huck, he didn’t feel the need to hunt down and kill the person who killed Quinn. He tortured Fenton when he believed the man just kidnapped her. He wouldn’t try to kill the person who murdered the love of his life?

But Huck, of course, took on that on that task and found out about Liv’s involvement remarkably quickly. Much, much sooner than I thought the show would have brought it up. Huck investigating Quinn’s death and finding out about Liv’s involvement is something I’d think would get at least a two to three episode arc. In any case, he connected more dots concerning what had gone down between Quinn and Liv than I thought he would and came to a very unexpected conclusion: that Liv killed Quinn. I didn’t see him going there at all but it makes sense that he would.

I was kind of afraid about what he would do when he left Fitz. I know that Liv is all bewitched behind the man, but why does everyone turn to Fitz when they want to get her back into line? Is his penis so magical? Anyhow. I was especially concerned about what Huck would do because he seemed to have gotten affirmation that Liv had in fact, become the worst version of herself. And as much as he would feel conflicted about torturing or killing Liv, given what a huge betrayal he thought she’d committed on top of  the change in her, I don’t think he would have hesitated to.

Huck didn’t even really need to lift a finger to make Liv pay for her involvement in Quinn’s death. She didn’t kill her, but she created the circumstances which lead to Quinn being killed. Her grief and guilt made her lose quite a lot of her ish. We’d never seen Olivia like that before and I believe the degree to which she mourned Quinn meant that she was feeling more than just grief. We’d never seen Liv drink so much either, I think.

I wasn’t worried about her dying right then – when Huck found her in Quinn’s office – because I knew that ultimately Huck wouldn’t kill Liv, even though I think he wouldn’t hesitate to do it. If the writers ever would have had Huck kill Liv, that didn’t feel like the moment in which it would happen. Not when she was in such a state. The expression on Huck’s face as Liv left was heartbreaking, though. All of the pain, the grief, the anger, the confusion and everything else he felt was so evident.

Why Liv gave her father what he wanted puzzles me. Just on principle, as per the terms of his ultimatum – that he get his bones back or Quinn dies – he really shouldn’t have since he killed Quinn. Other than that, you’d think that Liv, especially this version of her, would have punished him or retaliated in someway. Not give him exactly what he wanted. She hasn’t gone after him in anyway. Unless she realises now that trying to cage her father and control him is not in her best interest at all.

I do like the send off that they gave Quinn and that they showed a clip of each member of OPA’s most significant moment with her over the course of the series. Huck’s I liked the most especially because his seemed to be the one that went back the furthest (if how young he looked was any indication) and it made me think of how far Quinn had come since the first episode of the show. And how far the show has come overall.

I didn’t see that ending coming. I would not have thought that Charlie would go back to Eli and beg to get his old job back. It was also infuriating as a viewer because that’s the man that killed his wife! But then! We heard Robin cry. And I totally thought that Eli would move out of the way and Quinn would be standing behind him holding the baby. But she wasn’t. Then I thought that she would be in the room with the baby. But she wasn’t. And I was so sure that she would walk in the door and tell Charlie to stop strangling Eli. But she didn’t. And even though she didn’t show up at all, I am still thoroughly convinced that Quinn is still alive.

Or I’m in denial.

Random thoughts:

  1. That DNA could have been planted. It’s not Quinn I say!
  2. Did that pin come up last season?
  3. I don’t blame you Fenton.
  4. Really? Liv is blaming Fitz?
  5. Oh, that’s why he dumped Cryus.
  6. Is she seriously wearing a white hat?
  7. Fitz to Olivia: “What do you need?” She needs your penis. Liv doesn’t show up at your door for any other reason.
  8. I thought Charlie was dead for a second.

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