Scandal S07E07 Recap

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Oh my, Olivia didn’t do her stank face in this episode. She came close, but she never really did it. It must be a miracle. Also, sweet mother of cliff hangers! It’s bad enough when we have to wait a week, but Scandal won’t be returning for two months. That’s too long!

I wish Quinn actually faked her disappearance and was messing with Olivia, because the alternative is so, so much worse. It never occurred to me that Eli would have been the one to take her. I had no clue who would have or why, to be honest. Eli’s reason for taking her, ultimately, was, well, stupid.

For once this season I agreed with Darth Olivia. Eli was being pathetic. He kidnapped Quinn and threatened her life and the life of her unborn child so that he could get back his dinosaur bones? Really? To be fair, Olivia herself was being rather childish when she took them away, but this was more than childish. It was petty. He was basically throwing a tantrum.

It as nice to see Olivia feeling something other than anger, contempt and disgust. To see her feeling fear for the life of someone else rather than her being exposed. To see her feeling remorse, to some degree, as well. Before she found out that Eli had Quinn, it look like for a moment there it was sinking to for her how dire the consequences to her recent actions were. That she maybe thought that she was as invincible as she believed. But then Eli confessed and it all went away.

I didn’t expect Eli to kill Quinn. Since it happened off screen, I’m not entirely sure that he really did. Hopefully he didn’t. As much as he would kill Quinn, I didn’t think that he would for the pure and simple fact that if he did, he’d know that Olivia would be his reckoning. He’s misguided in thinking that he would be hers.

Thanks to Mellie’s “you and me together” speech, I was convinced that Olivia was going to kill Eli just like Jake had suggested. The conviction with which she repeated “Nothing, no one, no man, standing in our way” and the look on her face as she said it sold me. That speech is what made her arrive at a decision. One which I thought was to kill her father. But she seemingly underestimated him and overestimated herself.

Even if Quinn is dead, that may not solve Olivia’s problem of the truth of her involvement in Rashad and Yasmin’s deaths being found out. Cyrus was looking into exactly how they were so wrong about Fenton. He even found contradicting evidence to what they were given that led them to him. Although it looks like Jake threatened him so he just may stop. If Cyrus does continue looking into it, he might just stumble onto the truth. It would be interesting to see where that would go.

Random thoughts:

  1. Huck comforting Charlie with a deadly fidget spinner was hilarious and adorable.
  2. What happens if Quinn goes into labour during her capture?
  3. Olivia ran to her mother? Really?
  4. Thank you Mama Pope for calling out Olivia on being a drama queen.
  5. You’re breaking Olivia’s rules Mellie!
  6. That did not feel like sixty seconds.

Scandal returns on January 18th, 2018.

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