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Team Pope continues in their efforts to take down Marjorie and Payas and things are just starting to heat up and get very interesting. Now that they’ve freed Cyrus from their grasp and are keeping Papa Pope safe – more like imprisoned – under lock and key, it’s time for them to focus on Mellie and saving her from them.

I do so love it when Mellie tries to exert power and agency when dealing with Marjorie, but she’s little more than a puppet to the woman. It’s admirable, though, that she still tries despite knowing that she’ll be denied every time. And that she still wants to do what is right and best for the country, despite being under the thumb of terrorists who only want to serve their own needs. Which, we still don’t know what it is exactly they want to get out of controlling Mellie’s presidency. Marjorie and Payas don’t want Mellie to pick her own cabinet, let alone her own V.P.

When Huck told Liv that she had a visitor, I knew that it would be Payas and that he was the pick for Mellie’s V.P. Who else would they put in such a position of power? That seems to be primarily what they’re after. I also loved seeing Liv stand up to Payas and calling his bluff about releasing the photos of Jake getting rid of Liz’s body if she didn’t have him resign as V.P. (as much as her bravado was a clear facade). Her argument that tanking Jake would tank Mellie, thereby losing them their meal ticket was an excellent point and I don’t think he expected her to fight back.

But as she said later, they would have killed Jake since their blackmail didn’t work. As much as I would have liked to see them try to kill Jake, same as he did (we all know it would not have been easy), his resignation was the best route to take and the safest for him. It was disappointing nonetheless, that after everything she’d said to Payas, Liv still gave in to his demands. That is, until it became clear that that was part of her ploy all along!

When Fitz walked into the room with Mellie and they were met by Liv, David, Jake, Cyrus and Marcus I got so pumped. That moment had exactly the punch that the show was going for and the moments leading up to it were so satisfying. It was gratifying to see Marjorie freaking out about being separated from Mellie and not being able to make a call from the bunker. It would have honestly been the perfect time to kill her, Team Pope doesn’t seem to want to do that however.

Unfortunately, the alliance started to crumble fast. Understandably so; there was too much history between the people in the room for them to not end up bickering. The collapse was more or less ignited by Papa Pope and his refusal to aid them in their crusade and his defeatist attitude about the endeavour. Marjorie and Payas so thoroughly broke him that the once fierce leader of B613, Command, just wanted to turn tail and run (He didn’t completely lose his edge; he did catch on that Cyrus was going to try to kill him when he took him down into the wine cellar). I expected him to turn down their request for help, he’d been resistant for the entire episode up to that point.

But thanks to Marcus and his motivating speech to Mellie, she got back into the game and infected everyone with her fervour to fight. Choosing Cyrus as her V.P. was a brilliant move. I was surprised when he turned her down, especially since he offered himself up in the first place. In fact, when they had first thrown around the idea of Mellie announcing someone other than Payas as her pick for V.P. I immediately thought that it should be him.

When Liv suggested that their pick be someone pure who would be willing to join them in their efforts, I thought of Susan Ross, but she was V.P. already. So I had no idea who they could have chosen. I in no way expected that it would have been Luna Vargas. That being said, she’s an inspired choice. Once brought up to speed about the situation she would definitely want to be a part of their team since she would want to bring down the people who killed her husband. Beyond just that, choosing her would assuage the people since they would be getting the leadership that they voted for. It would solidify Mellie’s presidency and make it considerably less tenuous.

Elsewhere, Quinn was dealing with Charlie’s jealously and avoidance of her stemming from her behaviour when Huck was missing and later when he was recovering. It was kind of adorable seeing Charlie be jealous. I didn’t think he had anything to worry about, although it got a little iffy there in the middle of the episode when Quinn and Huck got a little awkward with each other. In the end, it all worked out.

Random thoughts:

  1. Liv: “You’re safe. Dad.” Does she really think that Marjorie and Payas wouldn’t at least try to get to Papa Pope? And get pretty far at that?
  2. Why did they give Eli so much food?
  3. Pretty sure Papa Pope could take those guards.
  4. Aww. Charlie’s jealous.
  5. Team Pope unite!
  6. Say “please” Fitz.
  7. Well that fell apart fast.
  8. The team is back together!
  9. I still say we should kill Marjorie.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 PM on ABC.

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