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Finally! We got back to Huck and found out what happened to him and whether or not he lived or died. As much as I enjoyed the character centric episodes and liked last week’s about Abby, I’m pleased that we didn’t get yet another one to delay us revisiting Huck’s situation. The writers didn’t give us our answer quite so easily, however. Up until the final few minutes of the episode there was no clear indication of Huck’s ultimate fate.

In an effort to dispose of his and Jennifer’s bodies, Meg stuffed them in the trunk of a car and pushed it over a cliff into a lake. Leaving him to fight his way out of the car before it filled with water and he drowned. Morbid as it was, I loved that Huck’s thought process was depicted as him at Pope & Associate’s being motivated by the rest of the team to fight to live. It was touching. Even with Charlie ribbing on him like he usually did.

That entire scene was intense and suspenseful. Every time Huck got one step closer to freeing himself he was met with a new challenge that threatened his survival. He almost gave up at least twice, but he finally made it out of the car. All he needed to do was swim to shore. But that was easier said than done. Just when we thought that he was safe, it was yet again left up in the air whether or not he survived because it immediately cut away.

Fortunately, Huck actually did make it to shore, but when I expected him to get up and make the arduous trip back home…he passed out on the sand. Now it was up to Liv and the others to find him before it was too late.

Team Pope spent the entire episode looking for Huck, with Liv and Quinn taking his disappearance and it’s possible implications the hardest. For us, the viewers, it was the perfect time for Liv to find out about Abby’s involvement in all of this. Not so much for Abby herself. In her heightened emotional state I was ready for Liv to bring the thunder and unleash her fury on Abby. As satisfying as her verbal assault on Abby and the three bitch slaps Liv doled out were, I was a little disappointed.

Not that I didn’t think that what Liv did in retaliation wasn’t enough, I was disappointed that instead of leading the charge in exacting Abby’s punishment, Liv wanted to wait on Quinn and follow her lead. That’s not the Olivia Pope we know and love! That being said, the image of Liv looming over Quinn’s shoulder as she does to Abby what she did to Meg is not an unappealing one. I don’t actually want Quinn to torture Abby or anything though, but it was hilarious when she jumped over the table to attack Abby and Charlie and Marcus had to hold her back.

Abby did have a point about the whole Cyrus situation; she was trying to save him while Liv has been trying to bury him despite knowing that he’s innocent. She’s supposed to be wearing the white hat here! And she was right about everyone having to forgive Liv but not that other way around. Lucky for Abby, thanks to Fitz, she and Liv made up in the end.

I will say that he was wrong in saying that Liv knew how to get out of the Oval; she is very much in the process of trying to get back in and desperately so. His statement of “You know the lengths you can find yourself going to to stay there” rang very true of her actions this season.

Quinn went full on avenging angel in this episode and it was spectacular to watch. She absolutely enjoyed torturing Meg. I didn’t think that she was so far gone that Meg’s comment about Huck’s feelings toward either of them would make her kill her. I know that Liv herself was very emotional and thereby very upset about Quinn doing that, but Quinn herself felt terrible about it. That was evident and Liv didn’t need to chew her out for it. I felt bad for Quinn in that moment.

It was only when Quinn brought up Jennifer Fields and using her cellphone to locate Huck that I questioned why Team Pope hadn’t already thought of trying something of the sort. It also made me realise that they – and me myself – completely forgot about Jennifer. We were all hyper focused on Huck; finding and saving him. No one cared about Jennifer unfortunately.

It wasn’t surprising that Quinn had such an extreme reaction to Huck’s disappearance, but I didn’t think of how that would impact her relationship with Charlie until the end of the episode when Huck woke up. Her behaviour before didn’t seem to bother him. Not until he saw her embracing Huck as he lied in the hospital bed.

Random thoughts:

  1. What took you so long Jake?!
  2. “Marjorie”: “I don’t like you; you’re annoying.” Glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about Abby.
  3. They’re coming for you Meg.
  4. Nice pep talk Charlie.
  5. Why is Fitz there?

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