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Once again, Liv almost destroyed everything her father worked so hard for and in the process very nearly nearly got herself killed. And two episodes in a row. She has been wrong and blind for this entire season and quite frankly I’m tired of it. I really don’t like Liv this season; she’s been so desperate and her emotions have been clouding her judgement.

I don’t blame her for not believing that her father was under someone else’s control. It’s Eli Pope! Who could control him? But she never once entertained the possibility that he was telling the truth or tried to uncover the truth on her own. She went digging, but only for proof to discount Huck’s assertions. She didn’t even listen to Huck when he made the valid point that Papa Pope always served the republic and killing Frankie was the opposite of that.

I’m so glad that Huck didn’t just follow her orders and realised that there was something fishy about the whole situation and did his own investigation. I had no idea who the mole could have been. I immediately ruled out Jake and Charlie. I thought that it could be Quinn until Huck caught her with Jake. She was the one person who wanted to look deeper into the conspiracy against Cyrus, despite Liv’s stubbornness about it. Plus, she would have already killed Jennifer if she was the mole.

I didn’t consider Meg until Quinn suggested her. I honestly never liked the girl. Huck’s visit with Becky only strengthened the case against Meg, but I still kept open the possibility that it wasn’t her.  Her meeting with the woman in the red dress, whose name I don’t think we’ve learned yet, wasn’t definitive proof for me that she was the mole. For all we knew, she’d caught on to what Huck was doing and was threatening Meg. When Huck went after Meg at his place she convinced even me that she was could well be innocent, but I thought that she could just have been genuinely scared and saying all the right things to get Huck to back off. I wanted Huck to inject and interrogate her just be to safe. I really wish he had.

Because it was Meg. As much as I gave her the benefit of the doubt I wholeheartedly believed that it was her. She was unreasonably paranoid the first time that we met her. I always thought that she was strange and off and I had no idea what Huck saw in her. He didn’t even look her up which should have been the first thing he did when he started to suspect her.

Jennifer Fields is actually dead now and Huck is to be determined. Hopefully Jake – who was nowhere to be seen even though he was supposed to be protecting Jennifer – shows up in time to save Huck. He can’t die. Not like this and not for this reason. Further, if he’s dead he won’t get to kill Meg.

For some reason when Papa Pope said that there was a mole in Team Pope, my first thought was Abby. Her name just popped into my mind immediately, but I dismissed it because I can’t see what Abby has to gain from all of this. She did interfere in the FBI interrogation of Nelson, but she was against the idea that Cyrus had anything to do with Frankie’s death and was pushing for Cyrus not to get he death penalty. All of that must have been a ruse because all of that was part of the plan from the beginning.

I can’t wait for Liv to find out that she had a hand in this. Abby is going to have hell to pay. Liv is going to bring the thunder and absolutely destroy her.

Random thoughts:

  1. “Hucky?” Really? Could she be more annoying?
  2. You have no idea what you’re messing with Liv.
  3. You know he knows that you’re following him Huck.
  4. I do not remember Becky. At all.
  5. Calm down Liv.
  6. Huck: “I am right. You are wrong.” Liv’s been wrong all season.
  7. How did Huck know to look for that there?
  8. Is Huck dead? Please don’t let Huck be dead.
  9. I knew Abby had something to do with this!

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 PM on ABC.

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