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So it wasn’t Tom? But it made so much sense that it would be. What with the jealousy toward Frankie for being loved by Cryus and his wanting to get back at his former lover. It fit and it was enough of a motive.

And he was only paid $2 million? Considering that he had to have known that he’d be facing the death penalty for confessing to killing Frankie, $2 million is not nearly enough. In fact, no amount of money would be since he’d be too dead to use it and it’s not like he has anyone to leave it to. Then again, he did say he just wanted to make Cyrus suffer so I guess that was payment enough.

The moment Team Pope started digging to find definitive proof of Tom’s guilt, I suspected this would happen. The only reason that they did was because Huck asked about Jenny and the only reason he asked was because he has a new love interest. I love Huck but it was very creepy how he was watching her in the video and looked at her all enamoured. I did not expect him to go and meet her in person and that made him that much creepier.

She herself is awkward and weird and twitchy, but that could be attributed to her fear of meeting the same fate as Jenny. My question, though, is why she thinks that the people who killed Jenny are coming after her. She seems a bit paranoid? It’s reasonable to be fearful after a colleague was killed I guess, but this feels like an irrational fear to some degree. The only reason she would need to be afraid of that is if she was in on the thing with Jenny. I don’t get that impression, but for all we know she could be involved with whoever is behind all of this.

I did think – two episodes ago – that there was a mysterious third party that was framing Cyrus (and at the time Nelson). Honestly, who hates Cyrus so much that they would do this to him? I can’t think of anyone at all. Is their main target Cyrus or is he just collateral damage? This whole plot/conspiracy seems to target Cyrus.

His prison experience was absolutely terrible. I felt so sorry for him watching him crumble into this broken man.

I knew the guard was going to use him as his “oval.” He’d said before that there were people in there who wanted to harm Cyrus because of Frankie and then Cyrus told him that he needed to offer the people for whom he’d been smuggling drugs something they wanted more. It lined up perfectly.

I did not expect Cyrus to go after Tom. I didn’t think he was that desperate to get him to recant his confession. I truly thought that he had given up and was going to kill himself. The way I saw the episode unfolding was that Cyrus would kill himself and the news from Team Pope that Tom was innocent would reach him too late. But I should have known Cyrus better than that. Of course he would fight.

I’m disappointed in Liv, as I have been this whole season thus far, for not helping him. She could have but she didn’t want to. She did have a point though that sooner or later he would need to pay for all of the things he had done. But she herself is no innocent little angel.

Random thoughts:

  1. What kind of prison is this that they don’t exercise outside?
  2. Ew! He spat on him.
  3. If Tom turns out to be innocent this would be the third time Mellie lost.
  4. Abby wasn’t speaking for Fitz?
  5. Michael had to know that those letters weren’t real.
  6. I knew Abby’s assurance that Cyrus wouldn’t face the death penalty would fall through.
  7. So the guard didn’t think that anyone would question how Cyrus got out there?
  8. Don’t trust her gut! It’s been wrong all season!
  9. No one at any point saw them going over to Tom’s cell?

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