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Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR platforms have dominated PC gaming articles and forums for the better half of 2016, and the hype and sheer interest behind does not seem like it will slow down any time soon.  The HTC Vive has been lauded since its official release as being one of the best VR (Virtual Reality) headsets money can buy for pc.  Oculus, on the other hand, is often credited as being the catalyst that started off the VR craze back in 2012 from its kick-starter campaign.  It was only a matter of time before manufactures in the cellular arena stepped in to give their take on the experience.  For those who are unfamiliar with what Virtual Reality is, it’s the use of computer technology to create a simulation; one that you yourself are immersed in, and able to interact with, rather than just viewing content on a screen.  Imagine you are watching a live concert on television and are able to watch it as though you are actually there, with the crowds there right next to you.  That – my friend – is what VR content can bring to our everyday media!


Samsung Gear VR is one of only a few available options for VR in the mobile market, and after experiencing it first hand, I have to say it definitely will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. The Gear VR is a piece of tech that I can see will get better with each iteration of the product as Samsung improves the manufacturing process and usability of it.  The VR movie I had the pleasure of seeing is called “Invasion!” a short film created by Baobab Studios.

My time using the device was quite enjoyable, and at an advised retail price of around US$100 before taxes, I think it’s quite worth the price; though one has to factor in the cost of the phone as well, since the headset only works with Samsung flagship devices.  The film “Invasion!” was an interesting experience – with its main character “Chloe” dealing with an alien, yes you guessed it, invasion.  The plot was very much kid-friendly; however, it did showcase exactly what VR will bring to entertainment content – immersion.  VR has and will do what 3D content tried to do for years, immerse you into the experience.  Moving your head around while wearing the headset and noticing things in the background you would never normally see in other visual media, is the selling point for all VR content. A point that I am sure Samsung will double down on as it looks to increase sales in the upcoming quarter.

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