Rumored upcoming Surface Phone to be Ultimate Mobile Device

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It is safe to say that the Surface line of devices is what kept Microsoft relevant for the last couple of years. The innovation and outside of the box thinking, is what made the Surface Pro line and now also the Surface Book line, well regarded by tech bloggers and general consumers alike. It is hard it ignore however, the countless missteps they have made in the smartphone market. After contributing heavily to the demise of the once formidable smart phone maker, Nokia, Microsoft continued to see sharp declines in mobile phone market share. Fans of the Microsoft mobile market (all three of them) have been wondering for years about the famed ‘Surface Phone’. The Surface Phone was allegedly going to be a juggernaut when it get to specifications, features, and of course price.

Today however, fans have been given a tease as to the legitimacy of the device’s existence with this quote coming from the big boss of Microsoft himself, CEO Satya Nadella:

We don’t want to be driven by just envy of what others have, the question is, what can we bring? That’s where I look at any device form factor or any technology, even AI,” he said. “We will continue to be in the phone market not as defined by today’s market leaders, but by what it is that we can uniquely do in what is the most ultimate mobile device.

This statement comes in-line with rumors of an upcoming “ultimate mobile device” coming from Micosoft to put it in good company with the current high end Surface brand.

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