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Darnley isn’t as much of a snake as I thought he was. In fact, he isn’t a snake at all. After his conversation with Lady Lennox at the pub, I don’t see him as the nefarious person I did before. All he wants is the love of the Scottish people (perhaps to replace the love of Keira). He’s just wasn’t willing to do so honourably. With Mary’s guiding influence however, it looks like he may change his ways somewhat. After all, he did agree not to cheat during the boxing match and held to that – Mary breaking that agreement herself notwithstanding.

I never believed that he had tried to poison Lord Taylor for the simple fact that he’s so upfront and honest. He admitted to setting the fire in the village without hesitation. If he had indeed poisoned Lord Taylor, he’d have owned up to it when Mary accused him. I believed in his innocence before she asked, in fact. Another thing about him that is very obvious is his desire to win Mary’s approval. That being the case, he would not have broken his promise to her.

And win her approval he did. I thought they were a good match when they first met; they had amazing chemistry and she did greatly enjoy his company and like him. It seems that they will get to the easy camaraderie they had before. Even if she doesn’t come to love him as much as or in the same way that she did Francis, I think she’ll be able to at least appreciate him and love him in some way.

Another relationship that’s going well is the one between Emily Knox and James. I was so relieved when Mary told him that he no longer needed to seduce Emily. As I said before, I didn’t feel comfortable with them using her when she’s so innocent and vulnerable. But just as James quit her she came running back into his arms. I didn’t think James would sleep with her and expected him to turn her away. I guess he figured that since she gave herself willingly, he might as well get some information out of her? Either that or he’s developing genuine feelings for her as I suspected he would, but something about his demeanour when she came to him makes me think otherwise.

Things weren’t going quite so well for Greer. She found out that the reason Castleroy has been so distant is because he fell in love with someone else. I was hoping that the two of them would be a thing again because I always loved their relationship. Greer, being the very generous and kind woman that she is, didn’t even hesitate to free him of their marriage so that he could be with the one he loves. I admired her so much in that moment and I know that she’ll be fine. Poor Greer is always getting the short end of the stick in her love life and she can’t even be with the love of her life; Leith.

He himself is having some relationship troubles now that Claude is married and her plans to have an annulment won’t come to fruition. I never expected that they would, to be honest. Predictably, Narcisse was never going to allow Luc to leave such an advantageous union. I was a little surprised at his confession that he did all of this to afford his son and his descendants security through power. I forgot that sometimes Narcisse can and does act in the interest of someone other than himself, although, he does ensure he gets a little something out of it as well.

I love Luc. I feel so sorry for him; being used by Narcisse (even though it’s for his own benefit) and being stuck in a marriage with someone who loves another. He’s so considerate of Claude and what she wants and actively tries to give her that. I knew that Leith was never going to go for the open marriage. He’s back in a similar situation to what happened with him and Greer, except that Claude is here being made available to him despite her marriage when that was never an option with Greer. He too seems to always get the short end of the stick when it comes to his love life. If only Greer were still in France, free and available. Maybe we’d have a chance at that particular ship again.

Charles is neither sick nor going mad, he’s just traumatised. Arguably he’s gone a little mad, but we know the cause of said “madness.” Catherine had said in a previous episode that his experience with the Red Knights and watching his friend be burned alive was the cause for his behaviour, but for some reason I didn’t buy that. She’s trying so hard to be there for him and help him, but I don’t think that she can.

Her plan to turn public opinion about him was a bust and with Leeza hovering around (I’m so thankful that she wasn’t in this episode), it’s only a matter of time before she takes over leadership of France. I don’t know how Catherine can help him as her King or as his mother at this point. I fear that may be too far gone.

Random thoughts:

  1. Really Narcisse? Have you heard of knocking?
  2. Well, that engagement announcement didn’t go well.
  3. Darnley: “More importantly I know how to put on a show and win people to my side.” That we know.
  4. That servant ain’t buying it Greer.
  5. Darnley is just itching to hit James.
  6. Greer the Wise.
  7. Remember when Castleroy was so taken with Greer? I member.

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