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Elizabeth was so close to getting rid of John Knox. So close! But he just had to go snooping around English court asking about Renee. I can’t blame Baby John’s new nurse for giving him the information that she did; she didn’t know who he was and she was just correcting him on some misinformation. Still, I really wish she’d just shut up about it and not clued him into Elizabeth, Gideon and Narcisse’s plan.

Trying to entrap him wasn’t the most solid of plans and it backfired on Elizabeth in the worst possible way. Not only did she discover that disloyalty toward her was far more widespread amongst English nobles than she’d imagine, but the means by which she chose to dispose of her dissenters only made her situation worst. I don’t know what she could have done in that situation, honestly. No matter what she did, tried the men in court or [try] to discreetly kill them as she did, she would have created more dissension and support for their cause. Which is what happened. There was no way she could win there.

I was so looking forward to Narcisse getting his vengeance for Lola’s death. Not just because I despise Knox and want him to be killed off already, but also because seeing him die at the hands of Narcisse, Elizabeth or Mary would be perfect. They are the three people he’s screwed over the most with his scheming, not counting Baby John.

Narcisse has turned his attentions elsewhere, for now at least, toward plotting against Elizabeth since she didn’t grant him his opportunity to kill Knox. He remains brilliant in his maneuvering by intercepting the payment that was to be made to Lady Keira’s fiance, Lord White. It was very stupid of Elizabeth to have Gideon speak openly of their plans for Darnley in front of Narcisse. He had all of the ammunition he needed to move against her. And the fact that Narcisse tattled on Darnley to his mother is kind of funny.

I expected that Darnley’s deal with Elizabeth would fall through when he was literally rolling around in the hay with Lady Keira. The negotiations between Elizabeth and and Lord White were not yet complete. Then and only then should he have been confident that their relationship could move forward as they wished. Whenever a character gets ahead of themselves in things like this, it usually means that the thing they’re excited about won’t happen. I can’t wait to see how he – and Elizabeth – will react to the news.

I feel like Mary’s desire to avenge Lola is clouding her judgement to some degree. James trying to seduce Emily Knox could backfire very easily, as James said himself, especially since James is on the outs with Knox at present. That’s quite a dangerous situation for Mary to try to put him in, although I think it’s a good idea, and she was very much out of place for writing the letter to Emily and sending her the gift without James’s consent.  You can’t exactly be out of place when you’re a queen though; you decide where said place is for yourself and all of those around you. But that was wrong of her.

She was being way too hard on James. I do think she shouldn’t put her complete trust in him just yet and he does need to prove to her that he is loyal, but she needed to let up a little. She was too harsh. It’s a good thing that the two of them made up before she pushed him away. She was the one making him hating her. It wasn’t fair of her to say that he didn’t know what it was like to hold the lives of a village in his hands, when he was the one who was her regent and in charge of the lives of all of the people of Scotland. That was arrogant of her and downplayed the significant contributions he made to her rule while she was in France.

I really want Greer to accept Mary’s proposal and stay in Scotland. I was surprised and pleased when she presented it to her. I want the show to end its run with Mary’s last remaining lady-in-waiting at her side. As much as Mary guarantees that Greer will be safe from court gossip, though, she won’t be and I think Greer knows that. Even so, I really want her to move back to Scotland. She does seems to have a nice life in France with Castleroy and their little girl Rose, but this would be a raise in station for her after having fallen so far. Not that that is something she wants or cares about, but still.

Queen Leeza is getting increasingly more irritating, walking around French court like she’s the biggest somebody there just because she’s married to King Philip. She is, but her attitude is so annoying and for someone supposedly so pious, doesn’t she know that pride is a sin? She is the Queen of Spain and not the Queen of France. Spain does not have power over France. It would be fine if she were doing it to try to help and empower her family, but that’s not the case. It’s just her being pompous. The disdain Catherine has for her continues to be amusing.

Catherine seems to be on her way to losing another child. Even before we saw Charles’ hands I knew he was sick; he was sweaty and look extremely tired. Catherine knows something is up but I don’t think she suspects illness. Obviously it can’t get out that the King is gravely ill, not with Leeza hovering around trying to seize French court for herself. I wish he would just talk to her and let her know what’s going and let her help him; she would excel and keeping things in order and hiding this.

I don’t want Charles to die. I like him as a character and I don’t want Catherine to suffer any more losses concerning her children.

Random thoughts:

  1. Knox’s other weakness is that he thinks he’s smarter than you because you’re a woman.
  2. Is Charles in Canada right now?
  3. I thought Claude and Catherine were on better terms! She killed Martel de Guise for you Claude, be a little nicer.
  4. Elizabeth looked like saying the words “I could not look forward to anything more” to Knox was killing her.
  5. Hey! Charles is back from Canada.
  6. Leave it to Knox to have a wife far younger them him that is timid and meek.
  7. This man that got sent after Knox has no sense of urgency.
  8. Oh no…Charles is sick.

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