Radeon Crimson Drivers Have Been Unleashed

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AMD has slowly been clawing its way back into the limelight after years of mediocre sales to gamers and general consumers alike. Yesterday, the red team continued this battle by releasing their major driver update for 2016 dubbed ‘Radeon Software Crimson ReLive.’ This new driver features tons of various bug fixes and performance boosts of around 8% for their cards such as the RX 480. More importantly however, they released screen capture software to go up against Nvidia’s ShadowPlay.

Placed into the Radeon Settings interface as a new tab, the “ReLive” screen capture software will allow its users to record their gameplay, desktop footage, and even stream their content directly to sites such as YouTube and Twitch. With Instant Replay selected, the last 20 minutes of gameplay or desktop footage is constantly buffered to disk.

Along with ReLive, Radeon Chill was also introduced for the first time. This software will automatically reduce the frame rate of a game during static scenes which have little to no movement or effects going off on screen. This is to reduce power consumption within games, which in turn reduces heat and noise. AMD has claimed power consumption in the World of Warcraft title has dropped around 31%, from 108W to 75W using their 8GB RX480. Temperature drops were also significant; up to 13 degrees Celsius. It’s worth noting that Radeon Chill is fully configurable, with users having the ability to tweak how much power it’s able to reduce to maximize performance potential at lower power usage. Sadly, Radeon Chill does not work with DirectX 12 as yet. However, look out for that in a future update.

For more details about this update, please check out the link down below.


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