Pure Genius S01E08 Recap

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The pair surgery idea would have been a lot more impressive to me if I hadn’t already seen it done on Grey’s Anatomy.

Surprise, surprise; someone annoyed me more than Angie did this week, even though Angie was back to be her regular insufferable self. And that person was Dr. Brockett.

I see no reason why she can’t just explain – and maybe not even explain, just simply tell – Dr. Verlaine about James asking her out if the fact that it happened as causing her to police her behaviour at work, where James would be able to see them. If she is going to give a relationship with him a try then it would be fair to make him aware of that.

The scene in which she tried to make Dr. Wallace coerce Lauren into remaining in the chain and the scene which followed it in which Brandon’s parents begged her to do everything she could to save him, needed to be switched. The latter should have come before the former.

I say this because, as the episode was edited, there was hardly any foundation for Dr. Brockett to be so desperate as to push Dr. Wallace so hard to convince Lauren to stay in the chain. There was nothing that happened preceding it to justify her sentiments or her actions. She’d barely interacted with boy. And for a good chunk of the episode I believed that her frantic behaviour concerning the case, was due to her redirecting her emotions about the love triangle between her, James and Dr. Verlaine. She was a little unreasonably pushy.

Granted, if she hadn’t coerced Lauren into remaining in the chain, Brandon would not have had his surgery and she would not have figured out how to get the artificial kidney to work, thereby giving Lauren’s mother enough time to wait for a new kidney and her original donor would not have been so grateful to Lauren that she decided to donate her kidney to Lauren’s mother after she gave birth.

So ultimately it worked out, but I still think Dr. Brockett was out of line and very unprofessional.

As relates to artificial kidney, why did it take her so long to come up with the solution to use the old, damaged kidney to prevent the membranes in the artificial one from breaking? She was supposed to be on Brandon’s surgical team, which means that she should have known that they were going to do a piggy back surgery for him. It also felt like a fairly simple solution that should not have been that hard to come up with.

The episode got better as it went on. The ending was the best part; it was a happy ending that was heartfelt and touching and neatly wrapped up the episode. Pretty much everything that happened in the episode paid off in the end.

Random thoughts:

  1. Fucking Angie…
  2. Dammit Brockett! What the hell are you doing?!
  3. Dr. Brockett: “I didn’t coerce her.”  YES YOU DID!
  4. Fire her Wallace!
  5. I hope Dr. Brockett does not turn into another Izzie Stephens.
  6. Dr. Verlaine: “…I think what you did today was amazing.” Don’t encourage her! You’re only trying to get back in her pants.
  7. I was expecting a celebrity, not a prisoner.
  8. That artificial kidney is huge.
  9. I was hoping the prisoner would have changed his mind and met his recipient.

Pure Genius returns to CBS on January 1st. There will be no more recaps when it returns.

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