Pure Genius S01E07 Recap

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They actually did it. And sooner than I thought they would; introduced a patient that the powers that be at Bunker Hill could not save. Maddie being alive by the end of the episode and not dying on screen was a little disappointing, as was the fact that her impending death didn’t have the impact on the cast – James especially – that I wanted an “unsaveable” patient to have; knock James down a few pegs and make him realise that they can’t solve everything and save everyone. I understand though that that was not the purpose of her character in this episode.

Maddie was there to remind James that he needed to live life without fear. I was so glad he finally got the courage to ask Dr. Brockett out but, of course, we all knew it was too late by then. If he ever had a chance with her that is. I don’t think he ever did and not just because of Dr. Verlaine.

Speaking of their blossoming office romance, of course they had sex because she was sad. A girl crying about her mother who died of breast cancer is an amazing aphrodisiac. I didn’t expect them to go that far. I thought the most the were going to do was kiss (and maybe James come in at the wrong moment and see them?). I’m quite surprised they went there.

As for their other patient, Giselle, the civil rights lawyer, she was yet another one of their patients I didn’t really care about. Their introducing her via her telling the doctors about one of her cases felt like forced sympathy. Like the writers were trying to get the audience to quickly latch onto her. As they – the writers – should, but it didn’t feel organic. As per usual, their attempts to make the audience connect with a character failed.

I did like Maddie though. She was cute and likeable. I figured the treatment wouldn’t work the second her father started talking about taking her to the Philip Philips concert. Also, Philip Philips? Is he still relevant? I thought he was planning for her future prematurely. And he was. I smiled, laughed and teared up when Philip Philips walked through the door of Maddie’s room and gave her her own private concert. That was a sweet moment.

My heart, figuratively, stopped when Louis moved the chess piece the wrong way. He is legitimately the only character I care about on this show – besides James and Dr. Wallace to some extent – and he barely appears and is hardly developed.

The second time I smiled during this episode was at the end, when everyone gathered around to watch It’s A Wonderful Life with James. It was obvious that would have happened but it was still heart warming to see.

Random thoughts:

  1. James: “Okay. I get it. It’s a Hail Mary Pass.” Everything you people do is a Hail Mary Pass.
  2. I’m surprised Dr. Brockett didn’t stop singing when she saw James was watching.
  3. Angie didn’t actually annoy me this week.

Pure Genius airs Thursdays at 10PM on CBS.

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