Pure Genius S01E04 Recap

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It was very predictable that Mrs. Gardener would have something far more serious be wrong with her and that Bashir would regain sight once they implanted the pain inhibitor in his brain.

pure-genius-104For much of the episode I thought that, as I had suggested needed to happen in this show sooner rather than later, Bunker Hill would lose a patient. And I thought that patient would be Mrs. Gardener. She would have been perfect for that; due to her close relationship with James. Not that I’m wishing death on a character, but such an event would better develop the show and it’s characters. James especially.

He really needs to stop going over the doctors’ heads and over turning decisions they’ve made in front of the patients. He should have a private discussion/debate with the doctor first and then tell the patient if they changed their course of treatment. He preaches about teamwork and everyone at the hospital being a team (which was brought to the fore this week because of Wallace’s search for an office) but he does that in literally every episode and it is the antithesis of working together.

Hypocrite much James?

There was a great deal of forced drama in the scene in which one of the robots was changing course for an easier path to Mrs. Gardener’s brain tumor. That moment didn’t land for me. I didn’t feel the urgency and it didn’t help that the writers hadn’t established before that the robots could deviate from their set path in such a situation. It wasn’t foreshadowed so it felt like it came out of left field.

The stakes were there, but it really felt contrived.

Her telling James that he was one of her favourites and him crying in response did land, however. As did Bashir seeing his wife, Natalie, for the first time.

pure-genius-104_1I thought that Natalie’s concern about not looking like his previous partners was that she was black and the women they showed on his social media were white. Did the writers realise that happened? It looked like they were going for one thing and then swerved in a completely different direction.

I’m a bit confused about the timing of this episode. Was it shown out of order? This was Wallace’s first week at the hospital so does that mean that the events of the previous two took place in that one week period as well? It seemed like they had skipped forward in time quite a bit before.

Random thoughts:

  1. I totally forgot about Lewis Keating.
  2. Angie is annoying and needs to mind her own business.
  3. Wallace apologising for James was funny.
  4. James makes some weird faces.

Pure Genius airs Thursdays at 10 PM on CBS.

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