Pure Genius S01E03 Recap

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James needs to stop going over the doctors and telling patients that they will do something that the doctors already dismissed or never proposed. I hope that’s not something he keeps doing throughout the show because three episodes in its already strarting to get annoying. I’m surprised no one called him out on it this week.

There needs to be, at some point, an episode in which they cannot do anything to save a patient no matter how hard they try. It will humble James a great deal – hopefully – and it will aid in the audience’s suspension of disbelief by not painting them as omnipotent.

But it’s only been three episodes so it’s not yet necessary for them to lose someone.

d529e062-2575-4114-9e0b-acb4688b23e0-583-0000009e342c6978_tmpI am very curious about how accurate the science in this show is and how feasible these technologies they use are. Because I don’t buy their inability to 3D print a fully functioning, viable liver last week when James literally coded someone’s brain.

Again, I know nothing of medical science and technology, so I can’t judge how plausible this is. But still, it feels like if they could code a brain they should have been able to 3D print a liver.

I feel very sorry for James and his Dr. Brockett situation. He is so in love with her and just can’t tell her and now he has to watch her fall for someone else. Maybe at some point – when it’s too late perhaps – he’ll make his grand declaration in a moment of high emotional tension or stress like most on-screen characters do.

No random thoughts this week.

Pure Genius airs Thursdays at 10 PM on CBS.

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