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This episode was better than last week’s. It had heart. I was invested in the characters and their stories. With the patients at least. Not so much with the Bunker Hill staff. They still don’t interest me. But it’s only the second episode.

I would have sympathised with Dr. Wallace and his strained relationship with his son if in last week’s episode I’d felt like he was really compelled to stay at the hospital. I didn’t buy Dermot Mulroney ‘s performance there. It felt like he was just saying his lines. Dr. Wallace staying didn’t feel organic, it felt like it happened because the plot demanded it.

2873623e-92ad-40e6-8186-b8fe4aba2bc2-266-000000bbc5f58beb_tmpI also don’t buy that given the hospital’s resources, their super advanced tech and their access to even more, thanks to James’ money, that they couldn’t have just 3D printed a fully functioning, viable liver. I know that they will have limitations but I really, really don’t buy that they can’t. Even with them saying in the episode itself that such a feat is years off and impossible at this point.

Impossible is their business! Using James’ money to expedite the creation of new tech is what they do! They did it last week! An organ transplant seems so mundane and simple for them. Like something they should be able to fix with the snap of a finger.

But I know nothing about medical science so I can’t really judge the feasibility of them printing a useable organ. Still feels like B.S. that they can’t though.

217e6cef-102c-4589-9d4b-4e06516afcf8-266-000000bc2a82379e_tmpThe second Dr. Brockett blamed the little boy’s mother for his accident, it was clear she didn’t understand the reality of life for people living in those kind of areas and socioeconomic circumstances. I’m glad Dr. Verlaine schooled her on that. But he too was unable to separate his feelings from the case. Perhaps more so than he accused her of.

I do feel like Dr. Brockett proposed the park out of some level of guilt and I found it odd that she proposed it when Dr. Verlaine is the one from said neighbourhood and had to point out the problem to her in the first place. Why couldn’t he have proposed the park? It just seems weird that she did.

Random thoughts:

  1. “Bunker Hill” does not sound like a hospital.
  2. Angie needs to mind her own business.
  3. James needs to come straight out and tell Dr. Brockett how he feels.

Pure Genius airs Thursdays at 10 PM on CBS.

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